Preaching with Kipper : Remain Tears The Sequel

Kipper, Going Postal

Just finished watching Laura cuntsberg’s documentary on BREXIT. By jolly the BEEB aren’t even trying to hide their bitterness over the result. They’ve pulled out all the old characters. Ken Clarke telling us how holding the referendum as a mistake to begin with. How the referendum shouldn’t have happened because no one expected the Tories to win a majority. They even pulled on what looked like a random homeless bloke called ‘Nick Clegg’ who basically started crying because he loves Europe so much or something. The fella seemed like he might have been on the spectrum or something like that.

You can clearly tell Laura is uncomfortable interviewing the leavers yet she seems perfectly comfortable with the treacherous remainers.

Anna Sourcunt was incensed that remain didn’t have an answer to immigration. LOLZ

The remain tossers don’t realize that it’s the British people who will set the debate. We wanted to talk about immigration. Leave talked about immigration. Remain wanted to talk about how we were talking about the wrong thing. And they then proceeded to shove a load of bollocks about the economy down our throats. Furthermore the remain camp kept pushing fear-mongering bullshit down our necks. “B…b…but it was true, WAAAAAA”. Well you lost Sourbry you old bag.

Will Straw, chairman of BSE, christ, he is a slimy fucker isn’t he.

Anyone else remember Camereeno’s  list of EU reforms? And how totally shit they were? Well according to Laura it was one of the greatest acts of diplomacy in British history. Also because Gove is a fan of game of thrones that means he was not for leave, but he was for becoming PM. And it was for personal gain that he campaigned for leave.

Oh an Sourbry was on crying again, the old hag. LOLZ

The racist working classes didn’t listen to their Labour masters. The uneducated were lied to by leave and voted on lies.

The poor remain camp were let down by our Jez. Also fucking hell Tom Watson is fat.

I thought it was quite funny when Cuntsberg tried to catch Mathew Elliot by saying leave used red to associate it with Labour and therefore the working class. He just up and said YES that was our plans, that’s why we used red.

Remember Nigel’s poster? Everyone called him racist, even though, yet again, he was proven to be correct. Well his ‘blatant racism’ made remaintards think they had won. And therefore complacent. And Leave swooped in to claim victory! So effectively NIGE WON US THE REFERENDUM, but we all already knew that.

The poor remain camp we’re let down yet again by call me Dave. Because immigration was too high. That played into leave’s hands. And because of this the 17.4 million racists come out and vote. Waaaaaaaaaaaa.

Basically all in all we made the wrong decision. We didn’t listen to the experts. We didn’t listener to O’bomber. We voted for Leave’s lies. We cared more about sovereignty than money. And because we were concerned about the wrong things we should just stay in. Well that’s out impartial broadcasting service for you.



Britain will be great again

Nigel is a happy chappy.

Fuck the BBC.

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