Preaching with Kipper : The Gay Rights Con (Part Two)

Going Postal
Killed, in the name of tolerance

Now. Hay you ever heard of Bradford? It’s a city in Yorkshire. It has one of the highest Muslim populations in the UK. 25% of people who live in Bradford are Muslim. I live near Bradford. So despite what any metropolitan, elitist, labour supporting cunt says. Parts of Bradford are ghettoized. I know this. Most people know this. There are places in Bradford that I will not go to because of the colour of my skin. I dread to think what the cunts would do to a lesbian wearing a skimpy dress. But up north we know not to tempt fate. And there are places that women and gays will not go to alone for their own safety. Because we know what it is like here. And those who live near other ghettos in the UK will know what their areas are like. This is the problem in British society. This is the biggest problem facing gays in Britain. The fact that there are areas in their country that they can not go to.

I’d love for Angela Eagle to walk through Bradford with a “I’m a proud, independent lesbian” sign. She wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

I know what causes this problem. You know what causes this problem. Fact is most people know what the problem is. Islam. Islam is the problem. It tells it’s followers that women are possessions of men, it is perfectly fine to have sex with nine year old girls and that if you are gay you should be killed. However, as a society we are so scared of speaking the truth because we don’t want to be labeled racists. There are some of us who have got the balls to put our heads above the parapet and speak the truth. The Nigel Farages , the Donald Trumps, the Milo Yiannopouloses and the Lisa Duffys of the wold. I am not one of these people. I shroud myself in the anonymity of my user profile. Although I’m sure if someone really wanted to they could find out who I am. While I may feel comfortable talking about this in confidence with friends of family. To protect my work, I don’t talk about it in public. And I have the utmost respect for those who do talk about it in public. Who put themselves in the firing line. Nevertheless. Slowly but surely. We are getting to a point where we can talk about these issues as a society. And the Don winning in the USofA will only stand to help our social progression.

There are countries in the world where it is ILLEGAL to be gay. There are countries in the world where you can be IMPRISONED if you are gay. There are countries in the world where you can be EXECUTED if you are gay. There are places on earth where if you are a bloke who likes other blokes you will be tied up, taken to the top of a tall building. You will then lobbed of the aforementioned building. And if that doesn’t finish you off. You will have rocks pelted at you until you are dead. And yet the gay rights lobby are focusing solely on the fact there are a few old diddies in the UK who don’t believe the word marriage should have been redefined. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

These people are practicing such extreme tolerance they over look the prejudices of the most intolerant. Quite frankly, all these leftist gayers who were holding up the #RefugessWelcome signs deserve everything that is happening to them. They were warned. They were presented with facts. Alas. They did not listen. They would rather live in their Idealist fantasy land, than face up to the fact that those they are standing up for want to kill us and destroy our society. The current state of affairs is in all honesty, fucking ridiculous.

There are real problems facing gay people in the world. The real joke is that it is the right that are standing up for the LGBT community. Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and all the other homophobic right wingers are the ones who are truly championing gay rights. We are the ones defending  the LGBT population. And the sad part is. The majority of LGBT people do not see it. They do not see how defending Islam and political correctness is directly detrimental to them. And they do not see how the politicians and the politics they abhor so much is what is fundamentally protecting them.

The gay rights movement is a con. They have no interest in defending the rights of the LGBT cummunity. They are merely champions of fascism, thought policing, political correctness and the libtard left. Only those who are willing to talk freely and honestly about Islam are worthy of the title ‘Defender of the Gays’.

Donald Trump ‘Defender of the Gays’.


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