Preaching with Kipper : The Gay Rights Con (Part One)

Going Postal

Now. This may come as a shock to many of you. So brace yourself.

Gay people have rights.

I know. Shocking right. Alas it is the truth. “But Kipper you magnificent lover. If this is so, then why are there so many people pushing for ‘Gay Rights'”.  Brilliant question. Why are there so many fuckwits pushing for ‘Gay Rights’. Well. As a member of the ‘Pussy’ generation I am in every way entitled to all the money you earn. And you should in no way expect me to work for a living. Because your opinions are hate speech. Why should I have to worry about putting food on the table. You all betrayed me by voting leave. You denied me my ‘Europeaness’. You also betrayed my immigrant girlfriend. You cunts. xxx

It’s the “ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME” mentality of lefty…. youngsters, that is fueling the gradual repression of indigenous white heterosexual boys. For as long as I can remember Gay people have had the same rights as heterosexual people. The same goes for men and women and whites and ethnics. The ‘Problem’ is other peoples opinions. Some people hold opinions that ‘upset’ other people. And because people hold opinions that ‘upset’ the lef… whiny teens. There must be a push for ‘Gay Rights’. Gay rights are rights that gay people and only gay people have. They are privileges under the law that give gay people more of an advantage in life than heterosexual people. And once again, the same goes for Women over men. And ethnics over whites.

We are taught that we are oppressed. By the old, by the rich, by ‘The Man’, by Tories, by politicians and of course by white heterosexual men. This is bollocks. We live in, what I think, is the most anti prejudice society in the world. We were, for years content, to over look the rape, torture, enslavement and killing of white British girls. Because we thought pointing out crimes committed by Muslims would be racist. To say Britain is in any way prejudiced is foolish. Our political elites have, for years, embraced political correctness. And now, even when the vast majority of people are saying NO to political correctness. Our elites are doing everything to hold on to their PC narrative.

Lets look at the numbers. 2-5% of the British population identify as LGBT. There are currently 28 openly LGBT members of parliament. That is just over 4% of our MPs that are openly LGBT. However this itself is irrelevant. Gay MP’s can represent their heterosexual constituents. Heterosexual MP’s can represent Gay constituents. Male MP’s can represent female constituents, white MP’s can represent black constituents. So my question now, is where is the oppression? Until December 2014 heterosexuals and homosexuals were equal under the law. Anyone could marry a member of the opposite gender. Until the word marriage was redefined. Now Homosexuals have more rights under UK law than heterosexuals. Heterosexuals can either get married or have a civil partnership. Where as heterosexual people cannot enter into civil partnerships.

And yet the LGBT movements still see inequalities in Britain. As I said, the problem is a psychological one. Some people just hate gayers. There is nothing we can do about this. Its just a fact of life. There are people who will just hate others. The way to overcome this is to ignore it. Get on doing your own thing. And pay no attention to the haters. I do not give a fuck what any of y’all do in your bedrooms. Men, women, puffins. I don’t care what you are into. And the fact is The vast majority of British people are like me. Don’t give a fuck. There is a gay geezer on my course. I don’t give a fuck. Mrs K knows loads of lesbians, guess what. I do not give a single fuck. This is the way to proceed as a society. let people do as they please in the privacy of their own homes. The way not to proceed is to lie to our children. To force your sexual preferences down our children throats. We are currently teaching our children that being gay is normal. No. In the UK 95% of people are heterosexual. To be heterosexual is normal. So why are we lying to our children? Why are schools even talking to our children about sexuality? Let kids grow up and figure shit our for themselves. We have a insanely accepting society. So every fucker and their dog knows that there is nothing wrong with being gay. Its perfectly fine if you want to shag the same sex. Just don’t pretend it is normal. And stop teaching kids that it is.

It is overtly evident that there is no problem in British society. However there is a problem in Britain. And a bigger one across the rest of the world.

But that’s a story for part 2.


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