Possible Summer Mark Duggan Bingo

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
The Iron Duke of North Chingford
to: letters@standard.co.uk
date: Thursday , July 21 2016

subject: Stephen Lawrence (who was killed by white racists) Bingo.
: Possible Summer Mark Duggan Bingo.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to ask for your assistance in a most important matter.

Following the multiple appearances of Mr Lawrence on pages 3, 15 and 29 in yesterdays edition ( Wednesday), can you print another of him on page 6 this evening, (Thursday).
This will enable me to win the Stephen Lawrence bingo competition we hold on the 6.13 liverpool street to chingford Commute every evening.

We have had to scrap the number one as he appears on this page too frequently and thus gives an unfair advantage to those participants lucky enough to draw that number.

Moreover, I would be in your eternal servitude if you could add to Stephens picture on page 6 of tonights edition,  your well used subheading ; ‘Who was Killed by white Racists’, Coupled with your stock photo  of David Norris leaving court in 1999  looking Like ‘Mr Barlow’ from ‘Salems Lot’  Rising from his Crypt.

This will enable me to win the bonus prize of a diseased goldfish in a plastic bag.

Ps . Now that Summer season is finally here and the Heat is rising across the London asphalt Jungle, Can you Give me advance notification of  when your Daily Printings Of the Deity Mark Duggan will begin in earnest?,  and  Thus our ‘Mark Duggan Slain by The Racist Metropolitan Police’ Bingo can start .  No Bingo No Peace.

yours faithfully

North Chingford.