My Beautiful Calais Launderette

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
The Iron Duke of North Chingford
date:    Thur  MAY 27, 2016
subject:  My Beautiful Calais Launderette.

Dear Sirs,

With reference to your Shocking Picture In Last Nights edition,  of ‘The Jungle’ and the Appalling conditions these abandoned shipwrecked vessels of Humanity  are forced to live in.   May I recommend  to ‘Mohammed of Eritrea’  Who Heavily  featured in your moving testimony ,  The heavy duty 5 line retractable ,

Carbon Fibre,  lockable tension washing line from John Lewis( the after care service  is first class),  for a Very  Reasonable £199.99.  Instead of using what appears to be a length of umbilical cord ripped from a Swan or sundry wildlife creature to dry their Shitted pants  upon.

Your Faithfully

© Glenn
North chingford.