Justine Greening MP Coming out Full Page Interview 24th June 2016

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
The Iron Duke of North Chingford
To: letters@standard.co.uk
date: Mon , June 27 , 2016
subject: Justine Greening Mp Coming out Full Page Interview 24th June 2016

Dear Sirs ,

I would Like to Congratulate Justine Greening Mp and indeed Jamie Micklethwaite On his Interview, which was carried out in the same Reverential Manner as Walter Cronkite interviewing JFK in the Roosevelt Room.

Bravery Cannot be measured in simple terms .The Courageous Mission Statement of Ms Greenings Sexual preference, issued in the immediate shadow of a Divided Nation Still in shock over Brexit , Girded our loins in these Dangerous times. I was Stiffened , as was my resolve, to hear of Miss Greenings love of Dishonorably Discharging her Cloudy Coital Fluid , Bumper-to-Bumper with a same sex partner.

It certainly sated my ill founded fears of our immediate Fiscal well being.

Congratulations Again Ms Greening, We must Brace ourselves over the coming days against the politics Of hate, Expunged by those who wish to belittle your fortitude by announcing your lesbianism to a nation that couldn’t give a flying Fuck.Or ever will.

Respectfully Yours,

North Chingford.