FGM Wonderous stories And Nancy Spungen

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The Iron Duke of North Chingford
To: letters@standard.co.uk
date: Tue , feb  12, 2016

Re : FGM Wonderous stories And Nancy Spungen

Dear sir,

‘FGM survivor Hibdo Wardare gives stark warning to schools to refuse ‘horrible’ procedure’.

Why does this Newspaper feel the need to report on Somalian mother of 7 , Hibo Wardare visiting East London Schools every 3 or 4 weeks ?. I got the gist of her role on your first report on her duties over 6 months ago.

I assume she is still lecturing students on F.G.M and not Quantum mechanics which would possibly necessitate the need for you to print this Story again and again and again.

If schools feel that a significant number of their pupils lives are blighted by FGM In perpetuity, That is indeed their Decision , but why should we need to be told of Hibo’s personal account with an Urdu Zorro every month ?.

Cant she jazz it up a bit, perhaps throw in some Racy tales of drug fueled orgies with Keith Moon ,Gram Parsons And Nancy Spungen?…Even the Greatest stories ever told in the history of Mankind get a bit boring if repeated verbatim every 21 days, let alone Hibo’s ripping yarns of having her Flowering bud cut back by an over zealous islamic Percy Thrower.

Im sure half your readership feel like her Gynecologist .The only Bonus this month is that you haven’t tied this story in with Sir Ian Mckellen visiting kids in Waltham forest yet again,  imparting his memoirs of being Violently jacked off by Joe Orton as a youth into the cracked armitage shanks of a parks public toilet, when they should be in class studying their logarithm tables or Crop rotation in the 16th century.

Good day to you sirs.

© Glenn 2016
North Chingford