Adults versus children

Pauly Ticker, Going Postal

Imagine if children ran the world.

There would be arguments about whose doll/action man/pokemon/imaginary friend was the best. And of course, as adults, we would see these trivial things as ridiculous.

Kids are notoriously fickle, one minute they like one mate, toy, type of food, the next minute they hate it.

Fights occur over the most ridiculous of things, and are forgotten in seconds.

But the great thing with kids is, they don’t see boundaries or skin colour. If one of their mates goes to a different church, or religious establishment, they don’t really care, as long as they can play out afterwards.

Adults supervising children try to correct their behaviour, arbitrate in disagreements and educate them in good behaviour, with the benefit of experience and a wider sphere of knowledge.

But since the adults are in charge –  you would expect a more reasoned, balanced approach. You wouldn’t think it would be like this…

Arguments about which imaginary friend was the best. And they would kill indiscriminately over their preference. And no-one would say that this is ridiculous.

One minute, a global superpower would be best friends with Ghadaffi or Sadam Hussein, the next they would be deposing and hanging them.

Fights would occur over the most ridiculous of things, and tens of thousands of innocent people would die.

Adults would care about what church or religious establishment other people go to, to the extent that they would kill themselves to prove a point or terrorise others.

And the media suppress information, bias arguments and provide a non-stop stream of propaganda.

Adults are kids with more power, further reach and bigger weapons.

Perhaps we need to let the kids rule the world, or the adults in charge need to grow up.

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