The Week of the Broken Promise

John Bull, Going Postal

A week on from the EUref and one would hardly think there had been a vote to Leave the European Union, a vote for Brexit, and all we have been given is a week of the broken promise. The usual shenanigans of Project Fear have continued apace within the MSM, where commentators continue talk down the UK economy and the ability of Britain to survive outside the EU based solely on myth and lies, and now further enjoined with Project Hate- a campaign based on more lies, smears, sneers, elitism, hate and fear rumour mongering against those who Voted Leave. And of course the obligatory sneering elitist contempt directed against those who voted for Brexit, because they are too stupid and thick, and the middle class professional and celebrity left-wing Remainers of course all know better.

A week on in the political bubble and it is business as usual, the media along with the political class doing a good job of ignoring the Vote Leave/Brexit result, meaning nothing has happened. We are seeing many pro Remain politicians openly advocating anti democratic positions, calling for the referendum result to be ignored, firing up left-wing activist hatred against those who voted Leave, becoming agitators, stirring divisions, raising the terrible spectre of potential internal political conflict within this country. Their behaviour nothing short of Fascistic, an arrogant contempt not only toward democracy, but to the people, such behaviour automatically making them unfit for office, and yet nothing is said of these people as they continue to work to undermine democracy civil order in this country.

A week on and still no move toward Brexit, although our fearless and honourable leader Cameron took a jolly to Brussels and ultimately was slapped down like a bitch by drunker Juncker the Godfather of the EU, Cameron failed to deliver the result, he is and has always been a political failure.  Also a short, spiteful and hateful Anglophobe went to mow a meadow in the EU and was really told to do one, swiftly put in her place. And probably the one and only time I find myself in agreement with the EU, Scotland is a part of the UK they had a referendum deal with it Sturgeon you vile Anglophobic racist. The entire mafia organisation which is the EU still berates the British people, grandstanding in their so typical illiberal, anti democratic fashion. Clear for those with eyes to see and an open mind heart, that the EU is nothing but a Corporate-Bureaucratic Fascist Empire in all but name. And a Brexit would save the country from this.

But the reality is the political-corporate establishment never really wanted the UK to Leave the EU that much was known, what was not really known until now was how the Vote Leave side the establishment controlled opposition didn’t want a Brexit, yet all this and much more is now clear a week on.

John Bull, Going Postal

Already the media and political class have forgotten this seismic shift in the future political, economic, and cultural direction of the country, and have swiftly moved to what they consider more important matters in their all too typical Westminster bubble gazing, and internal party politicking navel gazing, mean while 17 million voters find themselves technically disenfranchised. Instead all we are seeing is the Westminster bubble in full flow, media attention firmly fixated once again on Westminster, where gossip mongers trumps the national interest and democracy.  And where party careers and the party all come first, viewing these scenes one would be mistaken that any EU referendum vote had taken place. Indeed you would be forgiven if you actually thought Remain had one the day. An outsider looking in would never believe that a Vote Leave had won the day for Brexit, a referendum won to take us out of the EU.

National interest, country, democracy, freedom, sovereignty, trade, nothing and really mere unimportant in the grand scheme of who is to become leader of the Conservative Party and leader of the Labour Party, meaning that as far as the media and the political corporate establishment are concerned it really is business as usual, and the referendum vote can just be ignored, and it is being. All that matters now is just securing their own vested self interests, these people disgust me with each passing day, as our democracy has been abandoned in favour of the monied-corporate-financial and political interests of the few, the establishment politicians, the establishment political parties and of course the EU. After all it is only these actors within this staged arena who benefit from this delaying tactic and really that is what it is. Therefore what we are witnessing a mere political theatre nothing more, all designed to keep the public distracted, disinterested whilst deals are struck behind the scenes with the EU.

These people really have no intention of honouring the Brexit won in the EU referendum, a result they are intent on ignoring come what may, even going as far as to sabotage the economy and cause unnecessary civil unrest to prove a point, an act of punishment, simply poisoning the well out of spite. And all so they can say ‘we told you so, the consequences of Brexit too dangerous and this is the result’, fear mongers, rumour mongers, agitators engaged in political propaganda to undermine a democratic result. After all had they any intention then a plan would have been in place and the move to Brexit already under way. What we now know a week on and prior is that there was no plan to implement and no negotiation strategy. The corporate-political establishment really do not want out of the EU long suspected and this last week gave its final confirmation, and really this not hard to understand, the EU as an organisation is built by the few for the few, it is anti democratic, anti sovereign, and thus anti nation-state. The EU clearly holds nothing but contempt for the ordinary voting public and democracy this has been made clear in various statements made by the EU officialdom, and whom the EU views as nothing but Serfs to service the machine, use, abuse, and abandon on the whim of an unelected cabal of Fascist Commissioners.

John Bull, Going Postal

Yet, what should be happening now are substantive moves to take the UK out of the EU, you know that thing which 17 million people voted for in the EUref- a Brexit, this can be done tomorrow if the political will was there, but as seen over the last week that political will is not there indeed it is clearly lacking, all that matters now are political careers and the party, which in reality amounts to a convenient way of delaying the leaving process for as long possible. The national interest and democracy are therefore not being served, indeed as noted already abandoned, internal party politics are taking precedence when in reality they ought to be of secondary concern, or simply mere concurrent activity to the process of taking us out of the EU and a Brexit.

Here we are a week on, another day of no action and only self-serving words from a self-serving media-corporate- political establishment, which only represents itself and that of the interests of the EU. So its business as usual, and another day of the tiresome and unimportant bubble navel gazing, another day where the people who voted Leave for a Brexit find that have been disenfranchised and in the literal sense of the word. It is clear that one week on Parliament and the political establishment have filed to hold to their end to the bargain, it is therefore incumbent upon them to explain themselves, for them to account to the 17 million who voted for Brexit of why they have yet to discharge their duties unto the people. They have the necessary democratic mandate it is one week old today, and as such their duty is clear – fulfil the democratic contract, yet today one week on the political establishment still remain in breach of said contract.

John Bull ©