Preaching with Kipper: Remain Tears

Kipper, Going Postal
The peasants have spoken

I’d like to start by saying, OI POSTMAN YOU LOST, CRY ME A RIVER.

The childish response of remaintards after our glorious vote to leave. Has been in no uncertain terms, absolutely fucking ridiculous. There were protests from the hard left (Whiny Teenagers) against the democratic will of the of the British public. No surprises there then. The Labour party continues to descend into oblivion. There was a petition thingy. The Jocks are piping up again. Bozza fell of the map. But most surprisingly project fear is still in full swing. Meanwhile I’m sat here in rainy Yorkshire, with nothing to do but drink beer and shout at the TV. Oh and gloat, gloating is the best.

I distinctly remember after last years general election seeing images of my peers down in London protesting for democracy, against a democratically elected government. Yeah figure that one out. People, mainly my age, went down in  their thousands to show their utter contempt for democracy. My mate’s (thankfully now ex) girlfriend went down to partake in this attack on democracy. A protest where the extreme left desecrated a war memorial dedicated to women in the war. And then Laurie ‘it’s all about me’ Penny said the suffragettes would have hated a democratically elected PM.

Whilst I was sad that UKIP didn’t do better, I really missed an opportunity for some gloating to my lefty peers, but hey ho I’m making up for it now. Similarly we’ve seen people in the London bubble complaining and protesting about how the old have betrayed them. Which is wholly unfair because the blame should be placed on us northern yokels, who dared to stick V’s up at the posh cunts in London.
We ‘Geldofed’ them. All joking aside, no one is to blame for the result of the referendum. As a family of nations we decided to leave the European Union (thank fuck for that). Although, whilst there is no way of knowing exactly, all polling shows that the majority of people aged 18-24 did not vote. All polling I’ve seen shows that 64-68% of young’uns didn’t vote. So if someone wants to blame a group for Brexit. Then surely it must be the majority of us yoof’s who couldn’t be bothered to walk a few hundred yards to the school or church and put an ‘x’ in a box.

However these protesters were soon diverted from showing their utter contempt for democracy. As they were needed to go an rally around ‘our Jez’. very quickly adopting the ‘Jez we can’ mantra in favor of yesterdays ‘I’m not British, I’m European’  rhetoric. On a quick aside is it just me who thinks ‘I’m not British, I’m European’  sounds very Hitler youth? Anyway it seems like the hard left have an incapability to think for themselves. SHOCK. It’s almost as if they follow a select few, an elite who dictate the message of the day. And the useful idiots are the ones who spread the bollocks the elites want them to. All these airheads go on about ‘class war’. *Cough* Owen (7 and 3/4) Jones*. Without realizing we’ve had our class war. The masses won. The oppressed won. We voted leave. You were just too thick to realize it you fucking sheep. You pandered to your elites as you always do.

Now the heir apparent to our Jezza seems to be Angela Eagle. *Proceeds to laugh, laugh fucking loud*. However it seems that Angela’s constituents are threatening to deselect her or do a ‘Martin Bell’ job and refuse to back her. *Laughs Out Loud*. And this seems to be happening across the nation. It’s absolutely brilliant. All us £3 members will be key to ensuring the demise of the Labour party, which
I’m sure future generations will thank us for ensuring. Jez we can.

The most important event of recent weeks is how Andrea Leadsom has risen from obscurity to being on the ballot the Tory membership will vote on. Then Gove allegedly committed some knife crimes, but Boris seems to be alright. And some how Teresa May, a fucking treacherous remainer, has the backing of the majority of MP’s and is joining Andrea on the ballot. However I feel, much like the Labour party, we will soon see that the membership will have completely different views to the parliamentary Conservative party on who should be leader. And now it’s UKIP’s time to shine.

Which leads us to Nigel. Our dear Nigel. Our sweet prince. Our savior. The Saint of Killers. Our hero. The man of the people. The most important politician of the 21st century. He is taking his long coming and well deserved rest. And may he live the rest of his life in peace. However our man did not leave before going to Strasbourg and letting them all know whats what.

Jean Claude Junker thought he’d try to crash the brexit party. The pompous Luxembourgian cunt said “You were fighting for the exit, the witish people woted for the exit. Why are you ere?” to our Nigel. Why Mr Junker? To gloat to do some gloating. Because believe it or not you dictatorial cockwomble. WE WON! YOU LOST! THE BRITISH PEOPLE VOTED FOR FREEDOM! DICKHEAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

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