Preaching With Kipper: My Older Brother

Going Postal
God’s own county

I am the youngest of a lot of three. I am also the most intelligent, best looking and most narcissistic. My sister is the eldest. She is 25 and a project manager for the NHS (On behalf of my family we are sorry). She married to her husband last year, he is a smug tosser who  ‘works for the council’ and refuses to speak to me because I called him a drain on society. Although, since we voted leave I’d assume his smugness has diminished. They live in Lambeth, I don’t know why, they just do. Both of them are head in the sand, away with the fairies lefties. They are the ‘terrorists aren’t Muslims’ and ‘terror has no religion’ type. And my brother-in-law thinks I’m an extremist. Yes, in the times we are living in, an overpaid drain on society thinks someone who shouts about shit on the internet and votes UKIP is the extremist. But enough about the southerners.

My older Brother is 24 and he is a builder. He is an absolutely lovely bloke. One of the friendliest chaps I know. However he is a bit dim, he is ‘not that intelligent’ in the same way that bashing your testicles with a hammer ‘hurts a bit’. Nevertheless he is honest, hardworking and not dismissive of facts. And unlike my sister he has kids. 6 month old twin girls. Now his children are important to this because it was only when his children were born that he started to, in any way whatsoever, give a toss about politics. He started asking me really complicated questions like, “How do we make the NHS work” or “How do we control immigration”. I would actually try to answer his question in a way he could understand (Like I say he is quite dim). Whereas my sister, on the other hand, said things like “spend more money on it” or “We don’t need to control immigration”. Standard lefty shite. Which in all honesty I thought he would just sucker. But to my surprise he didn’t. It was a rather funny moment when he asked our sister to explain her answer. She couldn’t. I guess in the London bubble explaining your point is a thing of the past. This was about 4 months ago. Since then he has only ever talked to me about politics, he explicitly told me so.

As my brother chose to live in the best part of the country, West Yorkshire. The place where we were born. I am able to get into his ear a lot more than our London bound sister can. Luckily he has been spared her lefty bollocks. And in 6 months he has gone from not even being registered to vote to being a political extremist in training. On the 23rd he voted for the first time in his life and at the behest of our sister he voted leave. I have also introduced him to some of the realities of the world. In particular Islam. I just introduced him to what the Qur’an says and told him to watch a few of Paul Joseph Watson’s videos. And after the attack in Nice I revived a text from him asking “How do I join UKIP”, I’m so proud. Unlike my sister I have never told him what to think. I’ve always presented him with the means to think for himself. Thankfully he has begun to do that.

Anyway the future is looking bright for Britain. My brother is but one of many who are opening their eyes.

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