Preaching with Kipper : “But what does brexit mean?”

Kipper, Going Postal
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time

I, in no uncertain terms, absolutely loath the British Broadcasting corporation. The bias they showed throughout the referendum campaign was contemptuous. Constantly giving free and uninterrupted platforms to the Remain camp. Not calling them out on their blatant lies. Yet not allowing any brexiteer to complete a sentence without being interrupted by whichever stooge was presenting. Every campaigner for leave, regardless of the organization they were with, was forced to justify the £350,000,000 a week line which was only being pushed by Vote Leave. A statistic which technically is incorrect. As the true figure is higher. Nevertheless every outer was held to book and forced to justify the strap line of one organization. With which they may not have even been affiliated.

And then there is the fact that the BBC never called out the remain camp for attempting to push the idea that cheaper houses and higher wages would be a bad thing for the young and working people of Britain. Not once did I see a commentator call any remainer out for this. Anyone with half a brain cell knows that for working people higher wages are preferable to suppressed wages. Yet the head of BSE Stuart Rose said clearly that leaving the EU would mean British workers would be more likely to have higher wages. And yet still BSE ran with every household would be £4000 worse of outside the EU. And this blatant double think was never picked up by the BBC.

The behaviour of the BBC after the referendum has been just as contemptuous. Disregarding democracy. Calling for a second referendum on the back of a fraudulent petition. Saying the referendum is void because some people may have changed their minds. Continuing to pus project fear. Pretending like the markets have crashed 3 weeks since the vote. Showing no impartiality whatsoever upon Call me Dave’s resignation. They became a full bore propaganda force for Theresa May. Now it would be unjust not to give an honourable mention to the rest of the MSM who also went 100% behind May and project doom and gloom. And the MSM cunts bullied Andrea Leadsom out of the running.

Now the one single thing that has pissed me off most is the never ending stream of shit for brain commentators. Appearing on my TV asking stupid questions. It’s not them showing their contempt for democracy that’s pissing me of. It’s not them highlighting our failed education system that’s pissing me off. But commentators asking these two particular questions is the single most annoying thing about the BBC.

“B…b…..but what does Brexit MEAAAAAAAAN?”

“What does Brexit look like?”

The questions of a moron.

These human beings do not deserve air. If I had a pound for every violent thought these specific questions put in my head I would be a very, very well off man. The enormity of my wealth may have pushed me to vote remain.

I’ll make it easy for you. Brexit means. The United Kingdom leaving the European Union. It’s not fucking hard now is it. Brexit looks like the United Kingdom no longer being a member of the European Union. Just like most normal countries. You thicko.

I’m feeling my blood pressure rise. I need to go for a run.

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