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Guardian Council, Going Postal

So everybody who is anybody was having a jolly good time parading themselves and their right-on-opinions around Whitehall in the sunshine this week-end, collecting social media brownie points by the dozen that could in future be used to pimp up their own very enlightened credentials. How nice for them. But in reality, it’d appear that all too often the aptly misnamed “March for Europe” ended up probing the depths of its own ignorance, and on camera too, like when that bright young thing found herself questioned what she liked most about the EU and after long and laborious pondering had to come up with the NHS. Yes, must try harder, dear! She didn’t call it “our NHS” though, to be fair.

Be it the Republic of Quislington (kudos to whoever came up with that) or climate “scientists” on the EU payroll from Oxford, the usual “antifascist” suspects from Hope Not Hate or the useful lot from The Socialist W**ker – they were all there, present and correct. Everybody was special in the same way, only to take part in what CNN and other propaganda outlets had the nerve to call “a peaceful and colourful protest”. Funny thing that: at least from where I was sitting it looked about as ethnically diverse as an EDL rally (might have been my eyes though) and about as revolutionary as any old Debenhams when the summer sales begin (please mind your elbow, Miss).

Together with their life’s aspirations as the future establishment by courtesy of the EU and their privileged position in the social pecking order these prosecco protestors stand to lose everything from Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Because they haven’t anything on offer that has an inherent value of itself, and much less of a value in the real world. A degree in media studies? Join the job queue for the private sector. A postgraduate in conflict management? Yeah, take a seat, fill out the form, next please. A doctorate in gender studies? Oh dear!

Guardian Council, Going Postal

After finding out that their lavishly funded (thanks to mum and dad) “studies” and resultant academic titles – or non-titles more like – prepare them for exactly nothing apart from a life on the dole and a licence as an uber-driver (which might be a bit too ambitious for most) an awful lot of tears will be shed. If, and that is indeed a big if, these precious snowflakes can’t find that cherished EU grant to spread their gender bollocks for pay, or part-time employment for their professor of virtue signalling (equally EU funded), or a position in one of the EU’s non-governmental organisations that govern “civil society” with all the self-righteous rigour and the unhinged authority of China’s cultural revolutionaries then these snowflakes will go into a meltdown.

Of course they don’t know this. They do everything in their power to suppress the idea. But that’s only because they’re having a notion. That’s what’s making them so ruthless, callous and pitiless. They don’t even love themselves properly. They just worship an ideal ego that for many only exists in their heads, on Farce-Book and on Twatter. They’re narcissists, pure and simple, and they’re about to have a nasty run-in with reality – and not a minute too soon. Anything that doesn’t conform to their deluded self-concept, their illusion of political grandeur, stands a good chance of getting badly mauled in the process. Because heaven forbid they’d have to admit they’re making mistakes.

Now, let’s leave the psychology of the prosecco brigade for a minute and return to the political implications and ramifications of their deeds. There is of course precedence when it comes to spotting EU interference into the affairs of its vassal states. Its track record here largely consists of either ignoring popular votes altogether or making people vote again, until they’ve got the result “right”. This, funnily enough, is surely not perceived as an anti-democratic interference in a foreign country’s internal affairs by or public media “elite” although it certainly could be. We’ll not go into the details as to why the media are so wilfully blind to reality now since there’s only so much one can say about largely agenda driven state-funded or state-franchised organisations (the latter applying to the few private business entities still out there).

But there isn’t only this media-friendly “benign” and “sociable”, the “colourful and peaceful” side of EU interference. There’s also its unwashed underbelly. Of course the EU would expect something in return for their money. Or rather our money which it spends so lavishly on our behalf by fostering and furthering a bureaucratic dictatorship over us that’d give most empires a bad name. The EU is certainly not doing this for the people, neither in the countries already living under its influence (cheers, Jean-Claude) nor those about to join it, or rather: those about to be subjugated under its unlawful rule.

Guardian Council, Going Postal

The EU is acting in the interests of large corporations, largely in order to maintain a steady supply of resources, above all cheap labour but also in order to protect their clients from the results of their flawed business decisions for which it then makes the general public pay. It is crony capitalism by the book. And in their heart of hearts, even EU bureaucrats know that they don’t know how to make money – they only know how to spend it. Given their track record of the last forty years they’re not even very good at that. That’s why they despise the private sector: it reminds them of the fact that apart from a few sovereign functions in justice and security largescale bureaucracy is largely redundant.

Since the EU’s policies have so far resulted in little more than scorched earth around the whole of Southern Europe, their land grab has to continue. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against fighting poverty. But experience the world over has shown that you cannot win this fight by handing out other people’s money. Free market capitalism has lifted literally billions of people in China, India and Southeast Asia to higher standards of living than were ever achieved in the whole history of human civilisation; in the early nineties it has even got New Zealand out of the doldrums after their experiment with “wealth distribution” went wonky. But the EU has impoverished people by the millions – and is proud of it.

Due to being sufficiently insulated from life’s harsher realities by EU largesse and the ludicrous ideas in their heads generation “me, me, me” won’t admit they’re mistaken. Instead, it fights reality all the harder trying to punish it for being “so real”, but above all for proving their preconceived ideology wrong. When have we last seen an EU rent-a-mob in action? In Ukraine of course during the EU-sponsored putsch that installed a semi-fascist Europhile regime in Kiev. Now even if one is not a great friend of Mr Putin it should be possible to appreciate the facts of the matter. And though I can’t claim to have solid evidence for this apart from my hunch I wouldn’t put it past the EU poster boys of generation snowflake to try and do a Ukraine on the UK. After all, they never do seem to learn from their mistakes and why should a “Euro-Maidan” be different this time?

There are of course striking dissimilarities between Ukraine and the UK. The former is an impoverished county in Eastern Europe lobbed between the influence spheres of West and East by a somewhat tenuous agreement that guarantees its existence as a buffer state, a neutral country between Moscow and Washington, the latter to be succeeded by Brussels in its role of top dog on the Continent one day. The UK on the other hand is one of the globe’s most vigorous economies and in future potentially Europe’s strongest. It is also a founding member of NATO and enjoys a special relationship with Washington that is mostly, though perhaps not always equally, in both nations’ best interests. The essential truth being: the UK cannot go amiss because there’s a) neither a “Youroop” nor b) any EU to be had without it, simple as that.

The idea that this should place the British government in a peculiarly strong bargaining position vis-à-vis its “friends” across the Channel is obviously lost on an army of civil servants in Whitehall and on too many MPs, too. Let’s not mention the current occupant of 10 Downing Street out of respect for Her Majesty. But as the king maker of peace and stability in Europe the UK could probably ask for almost anything and get it, so why not try? At least that’s what I’d do but then I’m just a simple German. But lest it be known that the UK is indeed in a much stronger geopolitical position than it would publically – or at least officially – care to admit its officialdom lets the EU get off Scott free and play the game according to their rules (which principally consists of making it up as you go and moving the goal posts accordingly, and conveniently).

Which brings us back, and for the last time I shall hope, to Ukraine. In order to topple its democratically elected leader who, being rather the autocrat, didn’t take too kindly to the EU’s meddling in his country’s affairs Brussels joined forces with its army on the ground: the snowflake brigade. This, it had so lavishly funded for years in all those quangos and NGOs and semi-official government agencies and what nots in Kiev. All these “precious” and “special” people could of course be made redundant by the drop of a hat because all their pseudo-jobs and academic ersatz-titles are practically useless in the real world, i.e. in the world where money lives. And boy did the snowflakes know it! Consequently, generation “me, me, me” threw themselves with everything they’d got behind the EU’s putsch attempt. That was our taxes working for us. Because the EU know how to spend our money so much better than we do. Right…

Now, one must of course realise that it is one thing to drive a relatively poor and inherently unstable country like Ukraine over the brink and it is maybe a different matter altogether to try and pull the same stunt in Great Britain. We shall not go now into the EU funded regional dichotomies within both states lest the parallels between Ukraine and the UK become altogether too spooky. Also, beyond the realm of fiction I’m no great friend of conspiracy theories. But just because it’s a theory doesn’t prove there isn’t also a plot, at least not beyond a reasonable doubt.

And doubt there is. Because experience has shown that there’s ample to question when it comes to the EU:

– Its motives a perfectly selfish: to supply corporations with abundant resources, above all cheap labour, thus turning the world into a global workhouse.
– Its means are completely unethical and antidemocratic: it topples foreign governments literally marching over dead bodies while showing a total disregard for democracy in its vassal states.
– Its results prove it to be an utter failure that wants to repeat itself in perpetuity – the solution to all the problems it causes always being “more Europe” (by which it means of course “more EU” to be sure).

This peaceful and noble institution, run by our friends in Europe wouldn’t try to destabilise the United Kingdom. Well surely not!

Guardian Council, Going Postal

It does this by mischievously and deviously dressing up its policies as being for the greater good. Well you could try and put make-up on a pig but it’d still be a pig, wouldn’t it? For the snowflakes, it obviously wouldn’t. But then they’d probably not realise fascism if it hit them in the face on Kensington High Street. Yet by being so placidly blind to the EU while simultaneously lashing out so viciously at everybody who democratically voted for more democracy in their own country you’re really saying an awful lot about yourselves, dear snowflakes. Namely: when you feel like a nail everything looks like a hammer. And sometimes, fascism is in the beholder’s eye. Sad but true.

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