Dateline October 2016

Phil the test manager, Going Postal

Friday 7th October 2016 – A total of 5 separate incidents by individuals comprising of suicide bombing, random shootings, and the horrendous slaughter of 37 children aged between 5 and 6 in a Birmingham C of E primary school by machete.  The MSM conceded that the attacks were indeed co-ordinated to be on the same day and time, but each of the terrorists were deemed to be mentally unbalanced and whilst they followed the Islamic religion of peace, all were said to have been radicalised, and therefore it was nothing to do with Islam.  Many newspaper comments were subsequently shut-down.  The main headlines the following day were not about the children who died or the other 50+ people who died.  It was all about the rise of the “far-right groups” and how this is a terrible thing.  Brexit they said, had a lot to answer for.

Sunday 9th October 2016
Following various mass slaughters across many states in the USA, President Trump announced that congress had now approved that Islam was now a proscribed faith.  No Muslims would be allowed to enter the country, and all Mosques would be shut-down.  Imam’s would face immediate deportation to a Sharia compliant country of their choice, and were to report to their nearest police station with their family.

Tuesday 11th October 2016 – Justin Bieber concert at the O2 Arena.
1 hour into the set, 18,273 were in attendance.  4 terrorists gunmen were in the balcony, randomly shooting people, mainly 13 to 15 year olds.  Several of the emergency exits had been padlocked and barred, by persons unknown.  352 people were shot, 198 of them dead.  After 5 minutes of shooting, the 4 terrorists all leaped from their balcony positions and each exploded themselves killing a further 302 people, injuring several hundred more.  At first the BBC, Sky News and the MSM in general, were saying this was nothing to do with Islam, and we should wait to see if this was some other form of right-wing atrocity.  It was several hours later that ISIS claimed responsibility.  MSM were very keen to point out that Islam is in fact a great religion, it is one of peace, and these terrorists were simply radicalised.  Politicians from the 2 main parties and the SNP were wheeled on, one after the other, to express sadness and that lessons would be learned.  None said there was a problem with Muslims or Islam.  They did announce that Justin would be doing another open-air concert in around 3 months’ time.  Justin’s 7 million teenage twitter followers started talking to their parents; parents were raising concerns that it was not like their child to actually talk to them.  The BBC did a 20 minute special the following day, on why Justin Bieber was helping our young to understand the world.

Thursday 13th October 2016
It appeared that ISIS were now seriously pissed off with the MSM and governments across the world, all claiming that these atrocities were nothing to do with Islam.  For ISIS, it was everything to do with Islam, so via Al Jazeera, they made a clear statement saying that Islam will become the world religion, everyone must be a Muslim and no other religion will be permitted, and that all Kuffars will be killed.  This information was communicated, somewhat reluctantly by the MSM, they had to, as twitter and the web blogs were going wild.  The 13th October went down in history as the day that all main stream news agencies stopped having a comments section.  It still took 3 more days before the politicians were wheeled out to say that “Of course, there was a problem”, after all there had been so many atrocities across Europe and other countries across the world.  However, it was still vital that we gave humanitarian aid to Muslims across the world, and that we allow another million or so to come into the UK and integrate.

Friday 14th October
The prime minister called a COBRA meeting to review the recent atrocities.  Their recommendation was to immediately shut down Twitter and Facebook, plus other popular social media outlets, including all “Far right” blogs.  Going Postal had a particular mention due to the high volume of visitors with a very high comment count, as did the Guido Fawkes site, even though they only had 17 visitors per week.

By 6 o-clock that night, Twitter had capitulated and agreed to close down all new comments, but it was stressed that this would only be until such time as the current terrorist issues in the world had been resolved.  The new main shareholder of Twitter Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud said that he was reluctant to close down Twitter, but felt it right to do so given that not one, but all EU countries, plus other ME countries requested this. 

President Trump was not happy, and stated he would be funding an alternative to Twitter that would be up and running within one week.  Facebook went into meltdown due to all the comments, especially from people asking how they would get their gift of a bale of hay for their farm if they shut Facebook down.  However, 2 days later, Facebook compromised and it became a “Games Only Zone”, with no comments or updates allowed. All profiles became unavailable.  Hardly anyone complained though.

Web Blogs in general stayed open, as many of their servers were in locations where particular governments could not do anything.  In next to no time, those political blogs doubled and quadrupled their audiences day after day after day.  Going Postal stayed up as the servers were in neutral Switzerland, Swiss Bob became a national hero.  Guido told them to go-away (or words to that effect), but as his servers were in an EU country, he lost control and they shut them down anyway.

By the 27th October, in the UK alone, just for the month of October, a total of 427 attacks were committed, 411 in England, 14 in Wales and 2 in Northern Ireland.  None in Scotland, though there was a suspicion of lack of reporting or possibly that there were very few Muslims as they did not like the weather.  In total, over 3,000 were killed, just under half of these were one type of Muslim faith or another, the rest were UK citizens.

The biggest atrocity of all was the last one in October where 12 known members of ISIS were shooting people at random at the Blue Water shopping centre near Thurrock.  422 people, just shopping, were soon dead.  It took over 6 hours to clear the shopping centre, but the 12 Muslim terrorists still managed to kill a further 27 people from our armed forces and police, and 4 ambulance people, by running at, and then exploding their suicide jackets.  The CCTV from the shops were soon being shown on the Internet sites that were still available and it was clear that they were indeed Islamic.  Most were also quickly named and proven to be followers of the religion of peace.  The MSM had no choice but to announce that there were “Unconfirmed”  reports that this was a terrorist attack by ISIS, but that the reason was as yet unclear, they expected that before midnight they would have all of the terrorists psychological profiles available, it was expected that each would be found to be mentally unstable.

Thursday 27th October 2016
The so called “Moderate” Imam’s had earlier been called to a meeting at 10 Downing Street.  They said they would organise a Muslim march in the streets of Birmingham and London, to show solidarity with all faiths, and to show also that Islam is indeed the religion of peace.  On the day of the marches, no matter how the MSM spun it, it was patently obvious to everyone, (apart from Grauniad journalists and their few readers) that there were no Muslim people on these marches, just normal working and middle class people, mainly white with some BEM.  Many had banners saying “Stay in the EU, to protect ourselves”.  The pictures being shown on the web blogs that had not been shut down, did not agree with the narrative.

Friday 28th October 2016
Over 250 mosques, in Birmingham and in London had mass protesters outside all day, stopping people of the so called Islamic faith from entering them.  The protestors had organised their events on various web blogs and the new Trump Social Media platform.  Many had brought with them a pet dog, some even had their favourite pot-bellied pig with them.  Banners were saying “Go Home Muslims” or “Is that true or did the BBC say it”.  In general, each of the mosques were untouched apart from a few bacon slices around the doors.  As the protesters quietly dispersed later in the evening, the government and MSM were saying that a small fraction of protestors were demonstrating at a few mosques, but that as they did not understand what the religion of peace was all about, it was not realistic for Muslims to take this as criticism, and that the government message they were sending to the Imam’s was not to worry about it, and please tell their followers to be extra cautious in the unlikely event that there would be other repercussions.  Social media did not reflect this line.

That fateful month of October 2016, after so many atrocities carried out in the name of Islam, was the start of the downfall of the government, the BBC and Sky News. Most homes throughout the land cancelled their Sky subscriptions, a further 5 million people decided not to watch live programming, and cancelled their direct tax debit to the BBC.  The Guardian newspaper circulation dropped below 12,000 (of which 10 per cent were given away free to the BBC) and they decided to cancel the newspaper edition with immediate effect, and have a subscription only web site.  After just a few weeks, this too was also cancelled.  ITN fared better, in that they started to report the news rather than a narrative, though it was noticeable they only had one  “News” bulletin per day at 6 o-clock in the evening, which lasted just 15 minutes.

The Prime Minister Theresa May, had earlier stated that due to the current far-right terrorist events, it would be foolish at this point to risk the safety of the country by coming out of the EU, which for over 40 years had given us peace, security and protection.  Therefore the submission of Article 50 to leave the EU was put on hold, until the next general election in 4 years’ time.  The General election would also be run jointly with a further referendum to see if the UK was sure it wanted to leave the EU.  This was to guarantee that Brexit meant Brexit.

November is next, and the return of St Nigel.

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