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Burntout Aussie, Going Postal

Should the great grey faceless ‘THEY’. . . [ Civil Servants, Officials, Anonymous Bureaucrats, MPs, etc. . .] manage, by their foul machinations; to sabotage the result of the EU referendum, against the will of the democratic majority and somehow succeed in keeping us tied to the EU, . . . UKIP could, more than likely, turn this around in 2020 as they will no doubt be ‘Hoovering ‘up a load of disenchanted and disenfranchised Midlands, Northern and Welsh Labour seats.  Not to mention more than One Million voters in Scotland, who actually voted to Leave the EU. This count is not far fewer than the number who voted for and obtained Fifty Six members of Parliament for the SNP.

A significant number indeed.

It is also a constitutional fact that NO Parliament can force any legally enacted legislation upon a following democratically elected Parliament.

I really DO hope that the great people of the UK who voted to remain, largely and mainly owing to decades of leftie indoctrinated ‘Education’ and daily negative political mind programming, will realise the truth of the situation and actually LOOK at what the EU is, and has been doing for all this time.

The next Major task that sorely requires some overdue and very important action, is to clear out the BBC, Our Impartial National Broadcasting service, of all those weird and strange people who continually promulgate 24/7 their programme, designed to brainwash the British public to be a compliant and subservient part of a completely wrongheaded ‘Greater EU’ political project.

The result of which is cleverly designed so that the aforementioned people are finally denuded of their birthright and history as an almost two thousand year old country which industrialised almost the entire world and gave to it free of charge, arguably the best, most colourfully superior, technically advanced and diverse language known to modern man; with which to successfully communicate in some of the most scintillatingly beautiful, poetic and flavoursome terms which the great creator of the universe ever imagined.

There exists a privately run college, quite near to where I reside, to which nine hundred plus Chinese families per annum send their children to learn the English Language. . . ie, the universally accepted and loved language of international business, commerce and, of course, poetry and musical lyrics.

Even though a great number of our manufacturing companies have been relocated to Europe, Turkey, and elsewhere, financed by lavish EU Grants,. . .to ease the emigration and for their traitorous owners to profit handsomely from lower wages in third world countries, but in the process, taking work away from Good Honest hard working local people in Britain, this really does give the lie to the failed old chestnut. ‘The EU is GOOD for British Workers’

I honestly feel certain that Britain, when returned to our original status of a completely politically independent trading nation; will far exceed the wealth of the combined EU bloc in short order, like a Concord whizzing into the wild blue yonder leaving all in its wake. . . especially when current trade offers from the Big ‘Outside World’ are already abundant and upon our curtilage banging loudly. . .

Even if the EU in its present form actually manages to survive, which is highly dubious, and certainly not looking brilliantly clever at the moment.   If it refuses to reform. . .and it has already indicated by its actions that it will NOT. . .then it is Doomed to failure. We want and need no part of this.  I dislike the term ‘Counter Intuitive’ but the term certainly applies with regard to any thoughts of remaining a ‘member’ in any way shape or form; of this corrupt and disgraceful and dying menagerie.

Please retain the faith Leavers, and you Remainers, . . .just look around a little more for sensible information, and for heaven’s sake, STOP watching BBC, SKY, CH4, and ITV for your ‘News’ ,. . .because it is NOT news at all,. . .It would be better described as ‘Tailored Programming’  with important omissions of vital detail, as well as added tittle tattle for padding.  You are being brainwashed, and have been for a very Very long period of time.

OK, OK, I know this will be hard to take, but it is the TRUTH. One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, the TRUTH will become more evident to you, IF you are willing not just to LOOK,. . .but to actually SEE and therefore formulate your mindset upon fact.. . .rather than plastic nonsense designed to turn you into a fully controlled malleable worker droid..

Leave the Metropolitan London Bubble and its negative influences, ditch your Twitter account, for it, is an evil vexation to your spirit. . .you have access to news on the INTERNET for heaven’s sake,. . . Look away from the Mainstream Media for your news. . .you may be surprised and indeed Shocked at what you discover. . . .absorb, learn and join the free world of unbridled, non pre-programmed thought.  The world can be a wonderful place,  if you simply open your eyes and SEE. . .

As my old mate X-Files Mulder used to say. . .the truth is out there. . . .

But YOU have to have the guts to look. . . .

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