Who runs the country?

Stewart, Going Postal

Before you read on you must know that my avatar is the king in yellow, you have been warned.

Who runs the country, parliament, the political establishment, old style capitalists in silk hats, banksters  (wink ,wink browndog) or a self-appointed liberal inquisition? We are about to find out. I guess you know what I think and I also think that we are about to see it exercise its overwhelming power by overturning the referendum result. ‘How will they do that you ask’. To know that first we need to know who they are.

So what do I mean by the liberal inquisition? Do I mean a secret organisation , a kind of illuminati that meet cowled in subterranean temples to work their fiendish schemes? No, common purpose notwithstanding, of course not. They are more pernicious more powerful than any lizard freemasonry could ever be. They are what the French call the 68ers, what we called in my far off hard left days as the bourgeois intelligentsia. Those patrician class brats who demonstrated in Grosvenor square. Outside of the American embassy in 1968 waving their rolled up copies of ‘Red Mole’

They went on to replace their right wing establishment fathers in the professions, the law, education the civil service and the media. They became the civil rights lawyers that represent terrorists and persecute soldiers .The high court judges who rule that possession of a pet cat gives right of residency to Brazilian rent boy, but that a war heroes keepsake is reason for incarceration. They are the faceless civil servants that go from communist party GB functionary to health trust chairmen who oversee the unnecessary deaths of 1200 pensioners.  Or the philosopher and sociologist who as head of the UKBA ran his own open borders policy in defiance of the home secretary and received £100,000 of taxpayer’s money for the privilege. They are the state paid witch hunters that vilify a country school for being hideously white while exculpating madrasas that teach the subjugation of woman and the hatred of infidels.

They are the teachers and not just the teachers, it is the universities and teacher training colleges.  If you want to know how much and for how long I recommend Melanie Philips excellent book ‘All must have prizes‘.

As damaging as their control of education is it pales before their insidious control of the public debate through the media. Do I have to rehearse the way they have denied, obfuscated, lied and a censored  the facts, the very existence of on an industrial scale systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable young white girls by gangs of Moslem men? Perhaps I should, as that war crime should not be allowed to go the way of the Armenian genocide. Nor should the fundamental role the so-called BBC played in its enablement be memory holed by the ministry of truth. If ever the was a crime unanswered that is it.

I could go on, but surely by now you get the picture. These self-selecting, self-promoting, self-regarding scions of the pre-war establishment now control the levers of the engine of state and regardless of which party occupies the illusion of power it is they and only they that implement (or not) the will of the state, filtering, modifying distorting it to fit their inverted values.

And this dear reader is what I fear we are about to see in regard to Brexit. They have already put in motion a plan to delegitimise the democratic decision to leave the EU. It is they, through their control of the media and leftist pressure groups like 38% that have instigated and promoted this anti-democratic petition to hold another referendum. Using the influence over social media their professional status gives them. Witness the uniformity of their ‘think of the children’ rallying cry. The next stage is to ‘moderate’ our independence by legislating pseudo membership in a series of laws and treaties that preserve the status quo , most especially in respect of immigration  What do we do to oppose them?

Let me first explain why I call them ‘the liberal inquisition’ it speaks to their motivation and the way they self-organise.

Its root is in the collapse of western Christianity (it pains me to say this as a reasoned atheist but it is too clear to deny) from the 1930s to the 60s the need for some meaning that transcended our individual  life was supplied by the Marxist dream of a socially evolving society. Today’s sacrifices would be inherited by following generations in the form of an increasingly just and fair socialist heaven on earth, what I believe Albert Camus described as horizontal faith (No doubt SC will correct me) Then as post war affluence lead to hedonism it transformed in to ‘messianic Marxism’ (complete with t-shirt friendly icons) promising personal gratification in the here and now.  (It is telling how often in the 60s and 70s the new testament was recruited to the Trotskyite cause, from Jesus Christ super star to Jones town) all manner of self-indulgence sexual or otherwise  was now an act of revolution. Then the wall came down.

In the new vacuum some new transcendentalism was needed, for a while it looked like environmentalism would become the new one true faith, but that has been subsumed into a purer more ‘catholic’ religion. One more traditional in its self-hatred described in Pascal Bruckner’s (another Frenchie) as the ‘Tyranny of guilt‘.

It masquerades as moral relativism but nothing could be further from the truth. It is a doctrine of original sin that attributes all the evil of the world to western, white culture and beatifies people on a graduated scale based on skin tone It fetishizing black people as the original and pure form of humanity corrupted only by the machinations of white people. Only by their annihilation can humanity be perfected.
You don’t have to be a Sigmund Freud fan boy to guess at the deep and dark psychological sickness that this new faith encourages, you need only look at the iconography of the liberal inquisition, glimpse the psychosexual cauldron that brews it. But you might also like to read new right philosopher Kerry Bolton’s ‘The psychotic left‘ which catalogues the left-wing zealot’s inherent resentment and hatred of their fathers.

Like all absolute religions it is wrought with contradictions. It elevates old testament style prophets like Marx, Freud and Darwin (sorry SC) due to the ant-theist nature of their doctrines claiming, like the Jacobites, to be believers only in reason, while simultaneously embracing anti-rational fairy tales such as human equality, moral equivalency and Social constructionism. It purports to be the champion of reductionism, spending untold millions counting the number of angels dancing on the head of a pin at CERN while promoting the pseudo spiritualism of Gaia. We need not bother with its confliction over Christianity and Islam or its quest for diversity through homogenisation.

The only way this most constructed of constructs can be held together is through inquisition (permanent revolution) To insure orthodoxy. Heretics (counter-revolutionaries) are excommunicated (purged) in the present, driven from their jobs (and sometimes homes) by public condemnation of the priesthood and both virtual and literal mobs of  baying Tafurs. In the past dissenters are memory holed (Ray Honeyford any one?) and saints have their heretical views revised (Shaw’s support for eugenics, London’s racism Pankhurst’s militarism) the new inquisition even has its own Auto-da-fé in the form of ‘Mock the week’ or ‘HIGNFY’ were miscreants are subjected to public humiliation before congregations of howling faithful.
And like the inquisition of old they modify the will of kings through public admonition, politicians fear the opprobrium of the Guardian more than the judgment of their electorate. So what is to be done?

I am not the first to note the religious nature of the self-appointed bien-pensant patrician class, Neo-reactionaries call the constructed orthodoxy the cathedral, within which the congregation shelter .If we accept this analogy we must consider how to bring the edifice down,
I think it’s obvious that the two major pillars of the cathedral are education and the media.
The Gramscian march through the education establishment has been going on too long, the liberal inquisition’s cadaverous grip too firm, Thatcher could not pry it loose and Gove had no chance , a frontal attack on the media in general will be characterised, hypocritically, as an attack on free speech but there is I think a week spot .The loudest most powerful preacher of the inquisition is the BBC. It also forms an interface between academia and the media, they share a symbiotic relationship. Academics gain a platform they would otherwise not have (an in the case of some like Mary Beard or Simon Schama a nice earner) for their hate filled agitprop and the BBC gain credibility.

A  prime example is the BBC’s race engineering project. Who was the driving force behind their ‘mixed Britannia’ series? An Indian born Marxist economist Alita Nandi currently on the public teat at University of Essex. Never heard of her? well the BBC have and as a result of her involvement with them her spurious research like this – Understanding Society makes it into the main stream media – Ethnic minorities more likely to fell British than white people.

The left understands how important to their project the BBC is. That’s why, despite their claims that it is ‘right wing’ they jump ferociously to its defence in response to the slightest criticism .But it (the so-called-BBC) has a week spot of its own – the licence fee.

The Telly tax is indefensible in the modern world by any measure, there is no need to make the case that the BBC is intuitionally biased, that’s irrelevant (and counter productive). There can be no justification for forcing people to pay for a service they do not want and do not use simply because they own the means to use it or denying them access to free to air commercial broadcast television if they refuse to fund the state broadcaster. If, as we are constantly told, the BBC is so popular they will have no problem finding customers willing to subscribe. and if it is, as we are told such fantastic value (2/6d a day or whatever they claim) even the poorest in society will be able to afford it. And even if they can’t, its most popular programs will be picked up by one of the commercial free to air broadcasters like Channel 5 or ITV a more natural home for ‘Dead Headers’ or ‘the great British bunk-up’ after all adverts don’t put of scummydale farm or deviants on ice.

Once the BBC is defunded it will cease to be the keystone of that arch that supports the cathedral and while it might not come crashing down on the heads of the liberal inquisition, it will start to crumble.

Apologise for any and all grammatical errors I am after all only a humble navy yer honors – but think on what I said about who runs the country and watch what happens next.

Stewart ©