Tomorrow, Im Voting for Flo..

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Flo at the beach, circa 1965

18 Months ago I was standing next to and old Girl with her East Ham Barrow (Shopping Trolley) in a bus queue In Green street after going back to meet up with East Ham Dave, My Dad for a beer.

I couldn’t help notice a haunted Look carved into her features while she nibbled piecemeal at a tiny Percy Ingel Turnover. I got chatting to her while we waited for the bus . Her Name was Flo. During our Chat we witnessed A Polish Tramp having a lie down Outside Upton Park station who had shitted clean through his cream jogging bottoms. A group of at least 30 Roma Types Drinking heavily outside Icelands and dancing to a tune being played on an accordian. Flo Explained to me that they Were there every night from 4pm waiting for the shop to shut at 6pm, then it was straight round the back to the skip where the days best before expired food was thrown. EU Freegans.

We saw a group of Eastern European Women and their kids chatting by the bins, taking leftover/Takeaway food and loading the produce into their childs pushchairs , as if it was high tea at the womens institute , Frinton on sea.No one blinked an eye. We witnessed a drunken fight between Caspian types outside one of the dozen bookies in 250 yards of high street . Skag foil and needle on the floor.Muslim only zone stickers on the lampost.

We saw Khat mastication spat on the floor , all manner of bloodied frozen Bush meat parts on sale in Queens Road Market and Lightened cooking pots, I kid you not, on the street.Every language spoken except English.

.. I said to her how shit the place now is, she agreed and said when her husband died eight years before she wishes she died with him, I could feel her isolation. I’ll never forget that.I’ll never forget the Supplicant Governments which have sold us down the fucking river for their fucking Coin.
Her Name was Flo. Flo Deserves better than this.Flo Deserves to spend her remaining days Playing Bingo in the East Ham Granada( now a mosque), Flo Deserves to enjoy a glass of Port and lemon in her Local ( Now a somali outreach centre) . Flo deserves the right to sit in Central Park East Ham and feed the robins without a 16 stone Romanian beggar with no nose evacuating his bowels in a bucket behind the bushes next to her.

Flo deserves Better when going out the front door for her half loaf Mothers pride, and having to step over Harry monk filled french letters on the concrete. Filled by Muslim men.Wanked off by Albanian Women .

Tomorrow , Im Voting For Flo.

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