This is OUR Independence Day

Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe someone who works in distribution at 20th Century Fox has a sly sense of humour, because Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the cheesy 1996 blockbuster, opens in the UK on Thursday, June 23rd.

Whether coincidence or not, it is most apt, for June 23 is indeed our Independence Day. Throughout recent weeks, the Leave campaign have quite rightly put forward the various arguments for why leaving the EU will benefit us. But I am of the belief that one shouldn’t even have to justify something which is so fundamental to any country: sovereignty. That is all that matters to me. The most basic thing for a nation is to be sovereign; to be able to determine its own future without hindrance. My philosophy is: good or bad, sovereignty is paramount.

Of course it’s right that arguments are put forward to combat the fear campaign by Remain and to sway undecided voters. But at the core of all of this is that which wars have been fought over and lives have been sacrificed in its pursuit: a country’s capacity for complete self-determination. This is something that is never even in question when it comes to other countries. No one on the left or in Remain would dare question Morocco’s sovereignty or Pakistan’s sovereignty or Nigeria’s sovereignty. But when it’s the UK, it’s a different story.

I recall the words of Mrs Thatcher when she was being questioned live on air about the Belgrano: “I think it could only be in Britain that a prime minister was accused of sinking an enemy ship that was a danger to our navy, when my main motive was to protect the boys in our navy.” And I think it could only be in Britain that that most simple, universal wish to be a sovereign nation is vilified as racist, fascist and xenophobic. It could only be in Britain that people who simply love their country and are happy to trade with Europe but not be controlled by it are smeared as backwards thinking Neanderthals. And when Remain lob these insults, are they aware they’re also condemning the likes of Dennis Skinner, who’s confirmed he’s voting Leave? I’m no fan of Skinner, but I’d never accuse him of being a racist Little Englander. Nor would I say that of the Greens’ Jenny Jones, another ardent Leave campaigner.

Independence Day: Resurgence is apt not just for its release date but its title, for this is about enabling Britain to be free of the EU so it can have its own resurgence away from the meddling and corrupt hands of Frau Merkel and countless faceless bureaucrats.

I shall leave you with some words spoken in the 1996 film, which are very appropriate for this Thursday:

“We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We’re going to live on. We’re going to survive. Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

Now pass the popcorn.

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