The swan and the goose

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I used to take my wife out for meals. These days I go Fly Fishing. It pleases us both as I get to do some fishing and she gets the fish.

I was out in the glorious sunshine today and I caught a nice two-pound trout. We shall have it tomorrow. In a quiet moment at the lakeside I was able to watch nature in all its beauty. Two swans with a family of seven cygnets are resident on the little island that sits in the middle of the three-acre expanse. They had their babies three to four weeks ago and they seem to be all present and correct, spared so far from the foxes and hawks that sometimes steal them away. Each time I go they appear bigger and more confident, a little less clumsy and increasingly independent. There is also a family of Canada Geese. They too have made a little family, eight in total.

It has been fascinating to observe parental protection, initially with the swans who hitherto seemed to be on reasonably good terms with the geese. However, since the cygnets came along they are fiercely territorial. I noticed that the male swan is particularly intent on keeping the geese as far away from his little ones as he can and there have been several incidents over recent weeks were the geese have been routed. There was a right fracas today. The geese moved just a little too close but it was interesting to see how they too have adapted to parenthood. There was a standoff, a very angry standoff between the two male birds. I have never seen this before but as the male swan sped across the water as he has done so often before the male goose stood his ground, lowered his neck and hissed. He was not going to be bullied or persuaded to move away by this show of aggression.

Judas was paid, Going-Postal.Net

The Remainers have been on the plead. They seem to think it will be to their advantage to get the young vote out. This is in addition of course to the ethnic vote and the Irish vote, an alliance that to all intents and purposes is designed to thwart the will of middle aged and silver haired voters, the majority of whom it is said are more likely to want to have their country back. Well, I feel a little swan like as I ponder this, and a little goose like as I contemplate the games that our supposed Parliamentary Representatives are playing. I may be approaching sixty years of age but I still feel fiercely protective of those whom I love. My children flew (maybe even fled) the nest some years ago and they both have broods of their own now. However, they will be forever my children and I feel a similar affinity, bond and responsibility with and to their children’s children.

I may have twenty years left if I am fortunate. That is why I see this vote as an opportunity, and a necessity, for defending their territory. I want my children, my grandchildren and all those who can trace their lineage through to me to have the opportunity to possess a land of their own. I want them to have a clear knowledge of their identity. I want them to remain British. I want them to reap the reward of the taxes I have paid, to have the protection of an army, air force and navy that is accountable solely to Parliament. I want them to have the same NHS to which I owe my life. I want them to have the freedom to choose and to dismiss politicians. I want them to have space to grow and prosper. I want them to have jobs. I want them to be able to see a country that is indescribably beautiful in so many of its parts. I want them to have something of the privilege of being British, just as I have enjoyed that privilege for six fortunate decades thus far.

To Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn, Blair, Mandelson, Miliband et al, I say, get off our patch. This land is our land and its frontiers are a sacred boundary, its customs precious beyond words, its freedoms paramount, its institutions are ours…………… This is holy ground, for here my friends and kindred dwell.

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