The Killing of Sister Jo

Murder on our streets, political opportunism and what Jo really wanted, is this as low as the left can go?

Not one person I know can have taken any pleasure in the senseless murder of the clearly intelligent, passionate but in my opinion misguided politician and charity worker Jo Cox. That this young woman was needlessly and callously murdered when going about her day to day business by an obviously disturbed and confused man whose motives are yet to be fully (if ever) disclosed makes it all the more tragic.

I feel for her parents and siblings, no one should live to see the death of a child, although all too many have suffered this fate in this modern “peaceful” world of ours. I feel even more deeply for her children, although I am certain they would have been indoctrinated in the politics and world view of the left, had she lived, they have been denied a mother’s love and that is a terrible shame.

Jo Cox was murdered on the same day that the UKIP Leave campaign released a poster with the slogan “Breaking Point”. It showed, so far as I am aware, a sorry queue of humanity, mainly male migrants from the Middle East, attempting to get into Europe via Hungary. These people, if they had gained asylum, would have been able, in due course, to apply for citizenship in the country granting asylum and would then have been entitled to free movement under EU labour rules. Many of them could and would have come to Britain. Some of them would have not bothered to try to claim asylum but taken their chances on crossing the porous borders of Europe and again could easily have ended up in Britain, The Breaking Point slogan alluded, quite legitimately I feel to the fact that Britain cannot continue to support unlimited immigration.
Jo Cox was murdered at around 1.45 pm on Thursday the 16th of June and the poster mentioned above was released maybe an hour earlier.

This is when the story starts to take on an almost surreal turn, almost before Jo Cox’s body was off the street Remain and the wider left set out to use this tragedy for their own ends. Brendan Cox, a true man of the left, put aside his grief and the needs of his children at this terrible time to call for an “End to the Hate” a laudable sentiment maybe, but so soon and at such a sensitive political time makes one wonder. If you listened carefully to the reporting it became clear that Brendan Cox was in contact with Jeremy Corbyn and you might ask yourself why. Although I didn’t actually hear direct reference to a “Vote Remain for Jo” it was clear that, working in collusion, the hard Left, the political establishment and the Tory Remain team were all happy to plant the seeds and see them grow.

Before the referendum was voted upon the sentiments of Brendan Cox, who may well have been speaking from the heart, had resonated around the world and we found out that his wife had given a great deal of her time and attention to those less fortunate than herself in war torn and deprived areas, especially in the Middle East.

Underlying all this outpouring of grief and despair though was the continuing inference “Hate killed Jo, we can come together to stop hate by voting Remain”. Day after day it continued, Parliament was recalled for a very public show of grief, tears were shed, eulogies given and many flowers, no doubt claimable on expenses, were laid in memory of Jo Cox. Many of her constituents praised her for her good works. But while all this was happening people starting to ask, quite reasonably, is this really necessary. People also asked, again quite reasonably, how can a bereaved husband and father be so callous as to refer his children to grief counsellors when what they really need is a hug from their daddy.  People even asked, why is this man behaving like this, talking to politicians, making endless press statements, waving shyly from the gunwale of his house boat, can he really be more concerned with politics than his personal feelings?
This is where I feel it all really went wrong for Remain, they had their demon in Nigel Farage, but he was already demonised in the eyes of many and they now had a martyr, possibly even a saint, and they were going to get all the mileage they could from it. Personally, and I have no clear evidence of this, I think Remain overplayed its hand. People soon got sick of the shameless public expressions of grief (not a very British thing), concerned about Brendan Cox’s attitude and saw right through the faux outrage over the poster, it all became just too much and the rest as we say, is history.

But that isn’t quite the end, what of Jo Cox today, less than two weeks after her murder was portrayed as a bigger attack on democracy than the killing of Lee Rigby or the targeted assassination of over 30 British holidaymakers on a beach in Tunisia?

Nothing, her death was used by the Left and the wider Remain camp in an attempt to deny the people of the UK their right to freedom from rule by the EU. The attempt failed and so Remain moves on, without a backward glance and supported by its propaganda arm, seeking now to find a way to overturn the democratic will of the people.

Have they gone as low as they can go, it remains to be seen, but I don’t believe so? 

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