Preaching With Kipper : Nigel ‘The Saint of Killers’ Farage

Mr Kipper, Going-Postal.Net
The Saint                                         The Savior

Our Nigel is much like the fabled Saint of Killers. They were born into infamy out of being wronged. The Saint, wronged by a man named Gumbo McCready, a man who directly caused the death of the Saint’s wife and daughter. Our Nigel, wronged by his party and his government. Having his nations sovereignty gradually eroded by a continent wide superstate now known as the European Union.

Sovereignty which our forefathers laid down their lives for. What would they think of us now. Our leaders willingly and knowingly signing away our rights, our freedoms and our democracy. What would they think of 40%+ of people who will willingly vote away these essential liberties. The very liberties that so many died defending.

The saint is a servant of God, once a mere mortal, he is now an immortal assassin of the all mighty. His path was born out of pure unrefined hatred. Hatred for Gumbo McCready a man who caused the slow and painful death of his wife and daughter. McCready ended up killing , the mortal, Saint like a coward after one of McCready’s crew blindsided the saint with a shovel. The Saint’s hatred ran so deep that it froze hell over, his soul was so cold the devil himself couldn’t handle it. This was a man so full of hate he went to hell and left his mark, killing the devil himself before he was on his way. What had been created was a being with such a lack of remorse, a being that could only feel hate, which was on a long, but inevitable path to kill its creator.

Now, our Nigel’s path starts with a mixture of contempt, love, patriotism and a sense of duty. Contempt for creeping communism via the ‘European Project’ as well as a contempt for the governing parties. Love for his country, his fellow man and his culture. And a sense of duty to do something about it, after all is that not British culture? To act upon one’s duty to one’s country? I think so.
The Saint and our Nigel are strikingly similar. Both have a mission, both are unwavering in their efforts to complete it and both repeatedly put everything on the line. Any one who watched the interview with Farage that happened just before the 2015 GE, will know how much the man has suffered personally from his dedication to this nation. As well how much being in politics has impacted upon his family life. It’s almost as if the media forget that Nigel is a human, with a wife, children and emotions.

Nevertheless in the 90’s he was ignored. Disregarded as a right wing loon who would never be elected. This was but the start. The first wave of infantry. And through it all in the 1999 European Elections Nigel, our savior, went and got himself elected.

Mr Kipper, Going-Postal.Net

All of a sudden Nigel is a threat. Whilst he holds no real power as an MEP it does force the media to cover and acknowledge UKIP and our Nigel, because at the end of the day they are elected representatives of the British people. Representatives with no power, but representatives never the less. So the powers that be need to up their game. “A racist” that say, ” A far right closet racist”. “He’s Just a Xenophobic Little Englander”. But our Nigel prevails.

Mr Kipper, Going-Postal.Net

Despite the second stronger wave of attack our hero grows ever stronger. And a mere 15 years after he got himself elected for the first time, he goes and does the unthinkable. He went and won himself God damn election. 2014 and the British people on mass vote in to the European parliament a party which wants to see nothing else but it’s demise. A revolution is brewing. And the establishment can’t stand it. It’s time for the be all and end all of politics. Its time to roll out the big guns, the fiddling of postal votes, the stitching up of elections in key constituencies. *Cough* Thanet South *Cough*Cough*. The full bore power of the establishment and MSM is all against our Nigel.

Mr Kipper, Going-Postal.Net

And yet Nigel, much like the Saint, rises from the ashes. He tenders his resignation, his people reject it. Electoral fraud couldn’t keep him down, the power of the established parties couldn’t Keep him at bay, the propaganda of the MSM couldn’t silence his message. And here we are, following our leader, to free our country. Nigel’s job Isn’t done, but I’m sure, like the saint, when all is done, when his mission is complete. Our saint will just want a good sleep.

“His last thought was a prayer, a plea to any who would grant it: That he might live one minuet longer, just enough for for two more murders. For these villain’s whose lives were a cancer in his heart, and he needed so badly to kill…

But who could have heard such a prayer from, such a man as him?

There was no Saint of killers then”

Mr Kipper, Going-Postal.Net

“Aðeins dýrlingur var fær til að standa upp við djöfulinn og vinna.”

Only the saint was able to stand up to the devil and win.

Only our Nigel can stand up to the establishment and win.

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