Preaching with Kipper : Capitalism

When writing an article I would usually start by doing a few hours reading around the subject, structuring the piece and doing general research. However trying to find something impartial about capitalism is near impossible. I’ve looked at my 2015 Oxford dictionary and thought blimey this definition seems a wee bit biased.

“Capitalism: An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”
However upon reflection I realize this is an accurate definition of Capitalism. My perceived ill of the definition must have been a subconscious one. My relatively modern education taught me that terms like free-market capitalism, profit and private ownership are bad terms and therefore bad things. So when reading the definition I had a negative feeling towards it. Whilst I know that I know there is nothing wrong with the idea of profit or private ownership I am also aware that the majority of people under the age of 30 will subconsciously think negatively of these things. Regardless of whether that reflects their beliefs, because that is the way they have been programmed.

There are difficulties in defining something with the scope of capitalism. Where does it end? At what point does capitalism stop being an economic system and start being a political ideology or system of governance? At the same time both of these would be accurate definitions for capitalism:

A system whereby a small elite are allowed to hold all the means of production while others labour in the factories owned by the rich.

A system that believes one is entitled to the fruits of their labour.

Thus the difficulties of defining it. Leftoids would drift to the first definition while libertarians would be more inclined to point to the second. So rather than directly teach kids that capitalism = evil. It is defined fairly impartially, but the common terms associated with capitalism are taught to be bad. Free market = not good, profit = bad. Thus causing young people, such as myself, to have negative reaction to capitalism, be it a conscious or subconscious reaction. I feel there will be many other opinions on this, but for me capitalism is not a political ideology it is an essential part of freedom. Simply put capitalism is a system whereby you go to work and earn your money. You can then choose what to do with your money. If you like the bananas that Schrodinger’s cat sells at the market then you can buy them, where as if someone else doesn’t like Schrodinger’s cat’s bananas then they can use the money they earn to buy Jesus’ bananas. This, simply put, is capitalism as I see it. The freedom to choose, whether it be what bananas to buy or how to distribute your business’s £5 billion in profits. You are free to choose. Whereas the alternative is not being able to choose. You must buy Med Jumper’s bananas weather you like it or not. Oh and that money you earned is no longer yours to do with as you please.

Strange, being told what to do with your money seems strangely familiar, you wouldn’t know why that’s ringing a bell, would you Mr Junker?

Now it is true that under capitalism some do better than others. However I see no problem with this. Yes some people are born into wealth, but that’s just a fact of life. However through hard work and proper life choices, under capitalism anyone can better themselves. This is why capitalism is the only way, the fairest way, it is the only system that gives people hope, attainable goals and the freedom to determine one’s own destiny.

Kipper, Going-Postal.Net
A quick message from our nation’s greatest leader

Last week Mrs K and I took my young cousins to The Deep (An aquarium in Hull), whilst my uncle was up visiting us uncivilized Yorkshire folk. After forking out 8 FUCKING QUID for the privilege of parking my car. I realized that written in large letters on the wall were the words “for preservation not profit” and this message was repeated throughout the aquarium. This once again plays into the idea that things such as profit are bad. Now, I am no businessman and I’m sure the chief cheese at The Deep isn’t either. Here’s why.  If you are charging money for people to come and visit your preservation project, fine, surely you would want to be aiming to make a profit so you could reinvest in to your project. Thereby making the project bigger and better. Furthermore if you made a profit you could put aside for unforeseen expenditure, now I’m also not a marine biologist, but maybe a shark head butted the edge of a tank or something and you need to replace one of those massive fuck off pieces of glass. So there you are having made no profit, having put no money away and you have to close shop because you were a pillock and didn’t think ahead. So the preservation project is dead. All because you had an agenda against profit. Profit is a good thing! Why the people at the aquarium seem to think it isn’t is beyond me.

The fact that possibly the freest and fairest system is seen as a bad thing and is taught as such is beyond me.

Once again it all comes down to lack of thought, especially free thought. Alas here we are a generation that is triggered by the word profit. I like to think I have the capacity to think freely and question myself, maybe I don’t, maybe my thought isn’t as free as I once thought. I dread to think what a standard person my age thinks of capitalism because even I, a libertarian, had a genuine negative reaction when I read the word profit. It has shown me there is a lot of unlearning I still need to do.

“Oh, and there we were all in one place
A generation lost in space
With no time left to start again”
-Don McLean

I’ll leave you with this guy.



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