Immigration – Not a ‘Toxic’ Topic : Part 4…..Summary


‘On Immigration’, a process…not ‘On Immigrants’, who are people.
Vote LEAVE – Take Control
It is a duty to discuss immigration and its control. To the political movements that have sought to silence discourse on this subject, who have made the subject socially toxic, shame on you all.
Steve Hilton, former adviser to David Cameron the Prime Minister, has admitted what we all know to be true. Whilst the UK continues its membership of the EU, the UK Government can not control immigration. In this admission, Steve Hilton demonstrates that democracy is dead and that the Prime Minister is prepared to lie to the people. Shamelessness appears second nature in the cess pit of UK politics in the 21st Century.
Steve Hilton is right. To control immigration is a duty of government. It is what the people pay politicians to ensure. But the politicians fail to serve the people. 
We need a change.
In Parts 1 to 3 of this series a comprehensive explanation is presented as to why continued membership of the EU will reduce the well-being and peacefulness of society through uncontrolled and unlimited immigration:
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The real symptoms that lie behind the statistics presented in this series are, amongst many other things:
  • Children without school places.
  • Schools with teacher shortages.
  • Continuing decline of educational outcomes.
  • Shortage of health care workers.
  • Inability to see doctors.
  • Increased travel times to work, school, play and services.
  • Road congestion.
  • Urban flooding.
  • Power supply cuts.
  • House price increases
  • Housing shortages.
If these issues do not trouble you, you may vote to remain. If you care about your fellow countrymen and women, then know this – a vote to remain will see us all suffer a decrease in prosperity, security, well-being and peacefulness.
But the effect of immigration, uncontrolled mass immigration, hits the lives of the poor and the vulnerable first. The rich, the famous, the cossetted, and the willfully blind do not look to the lives of the poor and the vulnerable. The poor and the vulnerable are pawns to remain advocates – bodies on which their ideological EUtopia will be built.
Liberal values must prevail. Our politics, right now,  needs to embrace the utilitarian principles described by John Stuart Mill. We must act to promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number, by promoting democratic accountability and allowing our people to form and forge their future history, rather than be shaped by the decisions of others.
By Voting to LEAVE the EU on 23rd June 2016 we can do our duty to our neighbours, friends and families. Lets Take Control for a brighter, safer and more just future. Without a LEAVE vote, the future of the UK will not be settled.
To help heal the nation and unite our people we must vote LEAVE and take control – the first necessary step.

Ang Ryman ©