Enoch on Empire


“Lecturing at the Conservative Political Centre summer school ealier that year, Powell had provided further evidence of the absolutism of his anti-imperial view, in a talk on ‘the Empire of England’. Defining sovereignty as ‘a group to all of whose members, but to no others, a single authority is able to give commands’, Powell pointed out how this process had been defied by the creation of the British Empire; many of those colonies, as Burke had noticed with North America, had no direct representation in Parliament. In time, it would be seen that authority could not extend over those who did not contribute to the election of that authority. Both a domestic and an imperial parliament would have been needed to sustain this Empire; a federation would have had to be constructed, but federation was ‘a dream’. His conclusion was that the end of Empire had been inevitable right from the start of Empire, that no political miscalculation had brought it about, and that nothing could have prevented it. All that surprised him was that it had taken so long. It was time, he urged his felow Conservatives, to shake off their ‘self-delusion’.”

From ‘Like the Roman‘ by Simon Heffer

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