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A super state
I’ve been doing a very dangerous thing, I was thinking. Not just sitting on the bog thinking. Genuine deep thinking on a phrase I inexplicably threw out at some Feminazi, Corbynist, Remanian blue haired weirdo in the heat of a riled up conversation. She was on campus with a group of other like-minded man-haters beetling on about how all white heterosexual cisgender male is evil and should be killed. So I got talking to her and she got screaming at me and we stumbled upon the issue of the European Union. She inevitably called me a racist, so I simply said “racist to who”? “To Europeans” she said, clearly not noticing I was a European and also overlooking my Portuguese girlfriend who was with me. Now I never thought that I would need to explain to some one that Europe is a geographical area which the British Isles are in, so we are all European and that the main demographic is Caucasian (If the European Union have their way not for too long it would seem). Meaning that I was the kind of racist who hates his own race and that of his missus. Any way the Triggasarus Rex went on to talk about how inferior we were for slaving and such so the British are a subhuman race of “Proto Neo-Fascist Nazis”. No word of a lie that is word for word exactly what she said.But I digress; my thinking was upon a sentence that just came out of me while talking to this 20 odd stone creature. I said “I don’t hate Europe I hate being governed”. While this may seem like a benign and outright obvious statement to you well-worn and life hardened chaps. I, however, am but a wee nipper. Only 19 years of age. But as the words I uttered bounced off the sweaty rolls of what I was arguing with and hit me I realized I finally had the answer to why I am a libertarian, to why I vote UKIP, to why I want to leave the EU. I just hate being governed.

Now that’s not to say I don’t like being told what I can and can’t do (Just to clarify I don’t), but I respect my family encouraging me not to do certain things. I respect Mrs Kipper worrying about me. I respect my grandmother who thinks I don’t drink or smoke the good stuff, telling me never to start. What I hate is people who have never met me, who don’t know me, who don’t know how much my body can handle telling me what is and is not acceptable in the privacy of my own home. This is why I pay no mind to drug law, this is why I don’t give any thought to how much the Government recommends I drink in a week. I don’t care what the Government thinks, if I choose to go and snort cocaine then I will. If I want to destroy my life drinking alcohol or shooting heroin I will do so, that’s my choice, it’s my life.

The definition of Governing is to conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (a state, organization, or people) with authority. This is all I see the EU as. It does not want to serve people it wants to govern. Not to support people, not to raise people up, but to keep people down for me that is what governing is. It keeps people down. There is no governing in a free society. A state shouldn’t govern it should serve and protect this is fundamentally why I want to leave the European Union. And it’s taken me over two and a half years to realise this.

When people have asked me in the past why I want to leave the European Union I’ve always said something along the lines of its undemocratic or it damages sovereignty. Now and again I’d throw something in about immigration. But here I am on the laptop, Netflix on in the background finally realizing that 3 years ago as a communist studying politics at college as a hard-core leftard I still had contempt for being governed. It didn’t take much for my immature 16 year old mind to realize something was wrong with our relationship with Europe. It was the mere facts of how the EU works that I learned in the first lesson that turned me off and set me on a course where I am now branded as an extremist. Well you know what I’m going to stand up and say I have been well and truly radicalised. Within a month of my first lesson about the European Union I had become ashamed of the fact I was once a proud communist and I had also become a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

My questions now are; do people like being governed? Do people like being told what to do? Do people like being told what they can and cannot do in the privacy of their own home? Yes of course people may not be aware of the facts, be disenfranchised, or not politically active, but those who have even a slight disliking for being governed would make it their business to find out the facts. So one can only assume that they do not mind being governed. However I do so I will be voting leave.

It has also made me realize why I a Eurosceptic ended up in a relationship with a European bird. It is our mutual hatred of being governed and this is precisely how we met. She cast a ballot last September for her country’s October election. And I realized then how lucky we are to have Nigel Farage and UKIP. Now I am not being a romantic Kipper here, the top four Portuguese political parties in order of vote share are:

  • Portugal Ahead; a Centre-Right (Although I am duly informed by Mrs Kipper are as right wing as call me Dave’s) Europhile party.
  • Socialist Party; Europhiles, with no real substance
  • Left Block; Libertarian socialist Europhiles. (Once again informed by Mrs Kipper that they aren’t very Libertarian, but the least shit of the lot despite being leftoids)
  • Unitary Democratic Coalition; Communists. No more to be said.
They have no real representation as we do with UKIP. Now being a typical Yorkshireman I didn’t know or care why my girlfriend of over a year decided to come and study in my country, I was just happy for her to be here. In October of last year she told me that she saw a Britain outside the EU. She has faith that we will vote the right way. She came here before we even knew we would have a referendum, but had more faith in our country and people than her own. So she took the leap into the dark and came here, to make a better life for herself. It is depressing to see how little faith she has in her country as someone who loves his country very much. I have often pondered a life in OZ New Zealand or Canada, but I genuinely struggle to see myself having a life away from my birthplace. Portugal is gone in the eyes of Mrs Kipper as is most of Europe, but she has great confidence in the UK and our prosperous future outside the EU.This is but the opinion of a mere Yorkshireman and his foreign girlfriend.

It’s time to take our country back
It’s time to take control
It’s time to control our own destiny
It’s time for freedom

It’s time to VOTE LEAVE

By Kipper with help from Mrs Kipper ©