Somewhere beyond the Kuiper Belt

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The Kuiper Belt

I can only hope the EU colonise a comet in order to espouse and terraform their multi cultural, non sexist, non homophobic EUtopia to non carbon based lifeforms And dormant D.N.A. in the barren and harsh wilderness of extreme gravity and electro magnetic storms somewhere beyond the Kuiper belt. As long as its not here in North Chingford, where the all powerful life form Ian Duncan Smith rules his fiefdom like Ronnie Kray the Beast wing in Rampton.

With Luck the EU can introduce a gay platelet into their frozen lake supply and a strangely brown mineral into their alien periodic table , let it incubate for 30 years ,fuck off and leave their once happy comet with a load off carbon based white dee’s on benefits and extra terrestrial hook handed fundamentalists looking for innocent young rock particles to groom.

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