Preaching with Kipper: Fuck Communism

Communism is: “a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state.”

Fuck communism. Fuck it. Fucking Fuck it. B..b…but isn’t the idea of everyone sharing everything and having free food and a never ending stream of money and free stuff coming from the state lovely? No. Grow up. The idea that any old chuffer is entitled to the fruits of another man’s labour is immoral. Socialism, communism and income tax is theft. Theft is immoral. You are entitled to the fruits of your labour. Not to that of others. This is essential to freedom. The principle that a person’s monitory worth is merely a representation of their skills, how hard they work and how frugal they are. The idea that another person is entitled to the fruits of another man’s labour is fundamental to all left wing thinking. And this is why, despite the warm and loving embrace of Mrs Kipper, I say Fuck Communism. Fuck its immorality fuck its attempt to justify theft, fuck its ability to corrupt young minds and fuck the misery, death and suffering it brings to those who it is enacted upon. At the end of the day I’m just 19, but I’m sure most of you chaps and chappetts will remember the fall of the Berlin wall. I’ve merely heard accounts from my relatives and seen videos, videos of people so overcome with joy that they could leave East Berlin. So are the joys of communism that people needed to be penned in against their will. Communism caused misery. Communism is evil.

Communism So Good They Had to Build a Wall

Jesse Custer’s carry’s around his “FUCK COMMUNISM” lighter with him everywhere he goes. The lighter was gifted to a Jesse’s dad John “Texas” Custer by John Wayne when he visited Tex’s squadron in Vietnam. An individual lighter was given to every private in Tex’s squad. Anyone who has read about life for soldiers in Vietnam understands the suffering of teenagers sent to fight for their country in a foreign land. And would therefore understand the importance of an American symbol coming to boost morale and keep soldiers believing in a cause. Weather they agreed with the war or not John and his fellow soldiers were fighting for their country and to prevent the spread of communism throughout Asia.

“The lighter is to remind us what we are fighting for. Fighting for freedom. Fighting for democracy. Fighting against fascism.”

My Replica, Reserved For Lighting Only The Finest Marijuana


The death toll of communism is unparalleled:

65,000,000 in China

30,000,000 in the USSR

2,000,000 in Cambodia

2,000,000 in North Korea

(All conservative estimates)

These are but a few examples. Easily over 100,000,000 human beings have died as a direct consequence of a political ideology. This also negates to mention the death at the hands of socialist revolutionaries and regimes. Notably the National Socialist regime in Germany from 1932-45.

But, you may say, communism is merely an ideology reserved for the extreme left. And you would be correct. But one of the admirable points of communism is its ability to hide what it truly is. Strangely similar to something else we all know about, eh Mr Junker *cough *cough. Communism is the end goal of socialism this was the view held by Vladimir Lenin and other communists in 1917 upon the formation of the provisional government, which was led by the socialist Bolsheviks. And history shows us that this is what happened. Over the course of several major national events, including another (Elected) government’s overthrow, Russia became the Soviet Union. A communist state. Communism is but a goal to be attained through socialism. Whilst I may just be a boring engineer I am an avid reader and fan of history so I, unlike ANY leftoid I’ve ever met, know that Lenin stated “The Goal of Socialism is Communism”. People view this geezer as some kind of hero. The man advocated for genocide in pursuit of communism. He was a bad human being, yet history has not portrayed him this way.


Communism on principle takes away peoples basic freedoms. It removes a democratic system of governance. It takes away people’s right to self-determination and freedom of expression. It removes people’s right to the pursuit of happiness along with any and all hope of personal betterment. It removes individuality which is essential to any functioning and free society. Letters written by soviet citizens are abundant on the web; one only needs to read less than a handful to realize how depressing life must have been in the USSR. Communism is but a system that attempts to make slaves of all men. Democracy is essential. The right to get shot of bad government is key to any free society. This is why communism fails. Rather than try something new communism attempts to do the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Einstein’s definition of insanity. *Cough* Mr Junker. Communism is a dictatorial system of government. Someone will be at the tom and have all the power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is why communism always fails and why it can never succeed.

The truth is easy to see. Left wing politics have a goal. Gradual erosion of freedom, democracy and civil liberties. Socialism is but a means to an end, communism is the end to the means. Eh hem Mr Junker. There are comparably very few thinkers on the left compared to those on the right. There is a clear correlation between one aging and a fall in one’s likelihood to be left wing. In other works as you age you are more likely to grow up. When you think of left wing thinkers names such as Tony Benn spring to mind, people who would have the discussion of the day and talk about pertinent issues. Whereas the majority of lefties are much more likely to scream WAYCISSSSST. Rather than defend their views and discuss topics. And the failure to defend your position means your position is wrong. Whereas on the right you will find it much more likely that people are willing to have discussions with one another and more importantly people on the right have an ability to question themselves. This is a trait that is extremely hard to find on the left. The ability to question ones biases and to change ones opinions, based on the facts one is presented with, while at the same time being able to accept you were wrong about something. Anyone who is not able or willing to stand up and say “I was wrong about …. and the facts have led to my changing of opinion”, is not worth talking to.

I challenge you to name a socialist or communist regime that hasn’t ended up with mass starvation, abject poverty and all round misery. A regime where at the end people have come out better off and happier than they were going in. The fact of the matter is you can’t. Look at Venezuela for instance. How elated were all our champagne socialist politicians and journalist’s when a socialist regime was put in place. Owen Jones, Diane (FFRC) Abbot and our Jezza all went over and had huge public circle jerk to glorious socialism. Look at Venezuela now. Abject poverty, mass starvation, things haven’t got better for the people of Venezuela what so ever and there is widespread suffering throughout the nation. Communism has been tried and it has failed. People who say “Communism hasn’t been given a chance” can fuck off. Communism has been tried and it has always failed. I mean it’s only killed 100 million plus people, but my ideas are different, I promise so let’s give it another go eh? HA HA Fuck Off. Just because your particular specific interpretation and brand of communism, where the dictators aren’t evil and act for the people, hasn’t been tried doesn’t therefore mean that communism hasn’t been tried. It has and it failed.

It all boils down to emotion. It’s why the left has so much support yet has such a deficit of thought. It all sounds very nice and warm and blah blah blah you get it. So repercussions of reactionary decisions are not thought through. And we end up with long term issues that the next generation will have no choice but to deal with.

As a society we should teach our kids to think, to make choices on a rational and logical basis rather than on an emotional one. I keep throwing this phrase around, but it remains ever pertinent, we should teach our kids how to think not what to think.

This is why communism is evil, it discourages thought and encourages conforming, it’s a cancer to be eradicated. It prays on the weak of mind and is a goal to be attained by less extreme forms of left wing politics. It hinders debate and stifles conversation. It is not just an extreme position for a few, but unbeknownst to socialists, is the final goal of socialism.

“Fuck Communism”

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