Pete Dohertys Victorian Refugee Collection Bucket

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Dear Sir,

With reference to my earlier posting  of my Good Lady Jo’s, Pete Doherty Calais Collection bucket experience in The Hackney Empire Picture Palace.

I almost forgot in my Incandescent Fury,  that My Wife   took  a ‘selfie ‘ as i believe it is known as in modern parlance, yesterday (Sunday!) afternoon, clearly in breech  of the Treaty she has signed with the Good Lord on the Tabernacle.

Eraser of Love. Going-Postal.Net

Vigorous investigation unearthed that it was in aid of a  Refugee charity for Doctor Livingstones expedition of  French Equatorial Africa. Most Tiresome.

My Irritation was sated at the sight of her in full bloom, Bare of Make up  she looked as if she had stepped straight from the pages of a Jane Austin novel. Pure of character, wholesome, an English rose, if you will.

Eraser of Love. Going-Postal.Net

My blood was up Now, and  the sight of my Queen Anne table , its legs curved and and bare began to excite me in carnal ways..I was siezed by bestial urges in my parts!!… I quickly made haste to the medicinal cabinet to imbibe a potash of borax to sate my lust that befits the beasts in the field.

Unfortunately T’was too late.  The intoxicating satanic Alchemy of Mr Peter Dohertys Calais Collection bucket, Dr Livingstones African Expedition And  The top button of my Wifes  starched blouse was now undone !!.  I had to take remedial action. I  immediately gave her a ‘Gentlemen Jim Corbett’ uppercutt, Whilst observing the Queensbury rules at all times. Eschewing her  Kidneys  and  holding a  sweeping pose over her prostrate figure, I read the lords 7th psalm verses 3 to 599995959 , in ancient Babylonian  tongue from memory, casting the  devil in all his manifestations from her  harlot soul.

Eraser of Love. Going-Postal.Net

We were due to take in an informative and entertaining sojourn to see the  Victorian beast oddity, John Merrick. Alas, once my Gander  was  up , I took my  corrective ministrations a step to far, and killed her using a flat iron.

so the  silly cow has fucked all that now.

Such were my palpitations at my Wifes unwise  contribution to a  Heathen Refugee Charity and the resulting  brutal assault on her person  , I had to be administered a potion of opium and laudanum( 2 parts arsenic) by my physician Doctor Pickwick.

Eraser of Love. Going-Postal.Net

She will pay most dearly for her tresspasses In Hell ,as i have no doubt, will pay dearly for mine Purifying the Streets of fallen angels as an instrument and conduit of the lord , Hacking and slicing away with my Surgical  bone handle chiv.

Good day to you sir!

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