I’m voting remain because BREXIT means we will have a democratically elected government

Kipper, Going-Postal.Net

Paul Mason, more accurately Paul Mason cunt graduate, of cuntonomics and professional cuntonomist. Now as we all know democracy, or lack thereof, is at the heart of any real thinkers’ distain for the European Union. It’s why I will be voting Leave, it’s why my lovely grandmother voted No in 75 and why she will be voting Leave in 2016. It’s why Mrs Kipper fled the land of her birth to come to rainy Yorkshire. Democracy is embedded in our nation’s history and our culture. The right to elect those who govern is the essence of freedom.

However Paul Mason hates the EU. “I desperately want to leave”  now that should be the end of the sentence…. but “But”. Yes he said but. There should be NO FUCKING BUT. If Ed Miliband was currently sitting in number ten, yes I would be banging my head against the wall thinking how was this country so dumb as to have elected him, but he would have been there legitimately (The conversation about the flaws of our electoral system and legitimacy of First Past The Post is for another day). Alas if we left the European Union we would have a conservative government. And too right, it was elected. However the democratically elected UK government having power according to Paul Mason is a reason to remain. So one can only assume that the main reason for leaving the European Union is for many the main reason to remain.

Kipper, Going-Postal.Net
I desperately want to leave…… But

Yeah figure that one out.

Perhaps Paul Mason would be dancing to a different tune if. Oh wait. Never Mind. If ‘can’t run a bath let alone a country’ Ed was PM we wouldn’t have a referendum. So in his typical blind leftard hatred for the ‘evil’ ‘right wing’ Tories Paul Mason has overlooked the main reason he even gets to vote. As bad as the cunt Cameron is (touch wood) has given us a vote on our membership of the EU. Now whether or not he acknowledges or acts upon the result of the referendum is another matter. But Paul Mason’s key reason for wanting to leave the European Union is democracy, so he says, yet he still doesn’t know which box he will cross on the 23rd June. Because if we leave we will have democracy. And as we all know the problem with democracy is the people don’t repeatedly elect far left governments.

But that’s just the nature of the beast. Paul you either believe in democracy or you don’t.

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