East End diversity

Eraser of Love, Going Postal
Whitechapel Market

Popped back to East Ham yesterday afternoon for a few pints with the Old Man at The working mens club, next to West Ham football club , suffering fuck what a midden. Hes been a member for 4o years and theres a core of about 3o/40 geezers cast out on driftwood, clinging on to the area that refuse to move.

In the 60’s you used to get people like long John Baldry, Georgie Fame, Otis Redding, Stevie Marriot, Ronnie Lane , Zoot Money , Paul Jones ,Peter Frampton Ian MClagan( some of them local lads) etc etc performing at the east ham Granada.

Now its Full of outlets that teach you how to pack dry ice and fertislier in your socks. Flo And bert used to be able to play bingo or go to one of the many thriving public houses for a knees up ,enjoy the sea food stalls .. now they can buy bush meat from queens road market . Khat and cows piss from the corner shop.

The East End has been on an extensive diversity education course for the last 40 years.
we’ve completed foundation,and intermediate levels and we have been embracing even more diversity at advanced level since 1997.

so much so we have forgotten who we are.

luckily with a ratio of 1 in 20 Latvians, 1 in 25 Lithuanians and 1 in 55 poles now living in the uk and growing , My old man , along with the rest of us, can embrace it even further.

punishment for asking when this exhaustive course is ending is being called a racist by shouty people called polly and Toby who live in Notting hill high on bath salts, while watching a winstone silcott doppleganger plant their 14 year old daughter , in open play, on the habitat scatter cushions.

Cuckold clean up for Toby.And he loves it.

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