Brexit: A Left Wing Call to Arms

Rorschach, Going-Postal.Net
Crush your enemies

False consciousness has claimed numerous victims over the years, clouding the judgement of many a member of the proletariat to forgo their own interests and aid those of the upper and capitalist classes. Today we face yet another outbreak of this disease. Some prominent comrades appear to have convinced themselves and hope to convince others that “another Europe is possible”, a so called “social Europe”. Precisely how an entity like the EU, setup by capitalists, for capitalists and run by capitalists that didn’t hesitate bringing the Greek people to their knees for their own greedy self-interest can miraculously metamorphise to one that serves the needs of the average man, woman and child in Europe is hard to imagine.

These misguided comrades are naive collaborators of profiteers, exploiters, privatisers, bankers and multinationals. They are the allies of CEOs and big business. Their actions do nothing to further the cause of socialism. They will receive no gratitude from the capitalist elites for showing such craven sycophancy.

Comrades, we have in our grasp a unique opportunity to strike back against the neoliberal agenda that has eviscerated the post war settlement, sold off taxpayer owned industries at a loss and redistributed wealth upwards so that today there is the utterly perverse situation of the richest 10% owning 50% of income, while the poorest 50% only own 7%. Some comrades argue that choosing to stay in the EU is the lesser evil, that the EU will at least protect workers’ rights whereas a UK outside the EU could potentially be governed by the right wing of the Tory Party who would pursue a policy of Thatcherism on steroids.

What I would say to these comrades is to ask if the EU protected workers’ rights in Greece, or Ireland or Spain or Portugal? The answer is that collective bargaining was done away with in exchange for EU bailout funds. Far from “European solidarity”, the EU used the opportunity to launch an assault on hard won workers’ rights. These countries were raped and pillaged at their weakest point to fill the pockets of foreign capitalists.

Let us not forget though that the Tories won more seats and two million more votes than Labour at last year’s general election. They have a mandate and right to govern, just as we have a right to resist their policies. But they can at least be voted out, the government and direction of the country changed. The same can’t be said of the unelected bureaucrats and commissioners who control our trade policy, our industrial policy, and our fishing and agriculture policies.

In the EU, no matter what government we elect into government we can never change these policies. Think about that. There’s nothing the British people can ever do to express their displeasure at these policies, policies which are only designed to benefit the capitalist system at the expense of ordinary workers.

Some claim another Europe is possible. I believe another Britain is possible. A Britain free of the threat TTIP brings. A Britain where the frontiers of Thatcherism can finally start to be rolled back. A Britain where public services serve the public and not line the pockets of private interests. Remember, we can only bring the railways back into public ownership outside the EU. We can only protect Britain’s steel industry outside the EU.

So let’s seize this opportunity with both hands and ignore the compromised, bought and paid for merchants or doom and naysayers. Britain is the fifth largest economy in the world and there is absolutely no reason it can’t compete and thrive outside the EU.

We can do it. Vote Leave on the 23 June.

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