Police Multiculturalism

Police Multiculturalism, Going Postal
’Allo ’allo ’allo, what’s going on here, then?

Multiculturalism requires an authority to be in place that is separate and removed from any of the constituent parts of the mix. That is why there is a pressure to instill the thought that Britain requires a secular society. A secular society is a society that has no core values, other than those that are imposed by the authority that holds the power. They are moveable, as the personnel of the authority changes, by election or by appointment. They are relative, in the sense that they are constructed to suit the prevailing conditions that exist at any given time.

There was a time when Britain was described as a Christian country. This did not mean that everybody was Christian, or that they were all attending church on a Sunday. However, it did mean that the society was shaped by values that we might call Judaeo-Christian in origin. These were centred around the home; marriage (male and female), family, care of children, care for the sick and care for the old. They were centred around the workplace; the husband/father goes to work, he earns his wage, he uses his wage to support himself and his family. This is his duty. The wider society was represented in our Parliament, through which the elected government took responsibility to certain things that are necessary for the wellbeing of that society; national finance, health care, education, defence. That was more or less the limit of the government’s responsibilities. As for law, individuals were free under the law to pursue those interests and to do those things that were considered not to be injurious to others or to the wellbeing of society as a whole. Where they were deemed to have crossed the line they were punished.

This was only possible in a society that was relatively homogenous. Whilst not all members of that society actively subscribed to the Judaeo Christian religions, they were largely content to live within the parameters of a society that had been shaped by it over the course of many centuries.


With the decline in Christian practice and the supplementation of that with other creeds the unifying factor in British society was all but eradicated. No one religion or world view was central to the nation’s life, all were considered equal in status. To suggest otherwise became a matter of ‘prejudice’, and to pursue a return to the simplicities and securities of the past became ‘prejudicial to the peace’.
Into this ‘values’ vacuum stepped the government, ready, like a predatory lion to take unto itself the role of policeman of all aspects of our common life. Since the middle of the last century we have seen a steady and inexorable increase in the interference of the state in our personal and social affairs as it takes to itself the role of sole arbiter in the melee that is multiculturalism.

My point is this: multiculturalism requires a diminishment of personal liberty. Without a unifying world view there is only one power that has the strength to keep potentially warring groups apart. That is the state. Bring on the boys in yellow jackets with their crash helmets, armour and water cannons, no longer a police force, rather the enforcement agency of the ‘secular’ state.

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