Going Postal statistics March 2016

Last month is the first full month for which I have data.


Going Postal stats overview March 2016




Total number of Sessions within the date range. A session is the period time a user is actively engaged with your website, app, etc. All usage data (Screen Views, Events, Ecommerce, etc.) is associated with a session.


Going Postal Sessions March 2016




Users that have had at least one session within the selected date range. Includes both new and returning users.
Going Postal Users March 2016




Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted. 
Going Postal Pageviews March 2016
Visitors were from sixty six countries with a regular following in forty to fifty of those.

Special thanks to The Daily Telegraph for closing their comments, welcome to Going Postal (see up tick 30th and 31st).