Going Postal Moderation Philosophy and Policy


Going Postal needs you




To have a liberal commenting policy that allows people to express themselves as fully as possible without damaging other posters and this site.





Pornography and racist epithets are not wanted. This site is fundamentally for people interested in politics.



Probably too late now but I would like people to be able to use the site at work without a massive pair of knockers, or worse appearing on the screen. It’s fine for those of you on mobile devices but if you’re sat in front of a large screen which other people can see. .  .

No music videos, only DJ Med Jumper has that right. Don’t bother complaining if they get deleted. There are two main reasons for this. 1. Your music taste is probably crap and no one is going to watch your choice of music. 2. Images and videos slow the site down, they make scrolling a pain as images and videos load very slowly if you have a ‘slow’ device and, or line speed. There is a YouTube page you can post your videos, you can then post a link to them on the main topic if you want. If other posters are interested they will look. (Each comment has a share function, the chain link in this case)




You may post pictures of knockers if you feel the need, Frank, Stay Puft I’m talking about you.


How you will be moderated


If you have posted an image that contravenes moderation policy it will be deleted as it cannot be edited. A moderator should reply to your post ‘No’, followed by deletion of your post, the moderator may then remove his own post as I don’t want useless hanging comments. You should know why you have been deleted and see that you have been replied to (I think). If you have used language that is not acceptable you will be asked to “Edit that please”. We don’t have all day so if you have not responded in five minutes. Deleted. The mod may delete his own comment for the reason stated above.

If you can’t find your comment the first thing you should do is check your profile, Disqus is flaky and some of the time I can’t even find my own comments. If your comment has been deleted perhaps reflect for a moment why. If you feel you are being unfairly moderated then send me an email.

The only place I’ve seen with a complete absence of moderation policy is YouTube. It is not something I wish to emulate.

Enjoy. If you’re not enjoying it then take a break.