Age is the price of wisdom

Judas was paid, Going Postal
Up yours youth

I have heard it said several times over these past weeks that the older people among us should consider the future of the young when we cast our vote on 23rd June. There is a salacious rumour going around, it appears, that one day we older folks will die. In the light of this we are being invited to lay aside so called ‘self-interest’ and vote vicariously, that is, on behalf of our children and grandchildren and all who come thereafter. I for one take exception to this line of argument. I do not like being lectured. Neither do I like the idea of being told by those with a particular interest in a particular outcome how I should use my vote.

Some time ago I wrote a little piece in response to a conversation I had read on Nigel Farage’s Twitter page. It appeared on another lesser Blog that is seldom visited these days by those good men and women who write and read here. Some of you might have read it. I am submitting it afresh, slightly edited, as a small response to the intolerable urging described above.

“There was some dopey young thing over on Nigel Farage’s Twitter going on about people over 65 should not be allowed to vote in the EU referendum. She said, “Its our future not yours and we should be allowed to decide for ourselves.” I pondered her stupidity over my evening meal and send a gentle riposte.

Dear Madam, think on this for a moment. You did not arrive in the landscape that surrounds you by accident. This country was built and shaped by those who went before you. What is more it was paid for by them out of their taxes (those are deductions that the government takes from your wages when you do paid work. They claim to do so in order that they can provide and maintain things that are necessary to the wellbeing of the nation, like roads and schools and defence). What’s more, the hospitals that you attend and the doctors that you go to when you are sick have all been paid for by something called National Insurance. (This is likewise a tax that is taken by the government as an insurance policy for when you fall on difficult times, a sort of contract between you, the worker, and the state, so that you are never left destitute or without medical care.)

Now, you suggest that the future belongs to you and that those over 65 should be excluded. May I say to you that by making that suggestion you have exposed yourself as being an unthinking, ungrateful, selfish and dare I say stupid individual of the highest order? Everything you possess has been given to you by the hard work and thrift of former generations. Some, gave much more than their money. Yet you, young lady want to slam the door in their face in graceless ingratitude. Might I suggest that when you cast your vote in the referendum you are mindful of the fact that those who are telling you that the future is Europe are intent on giving away all the fruits of the labour of your forbears into foreign control, of casting it all into the common pot of an entire continent, a continent that is set upon a death wish of forfeiting its identity and its territory in the chase after a hopeless dream.

Those who have invested a whole working life in this enterprise called Britain have a right to shape the future too, and to say what should be done with the things they have created, and have paid for through their diligent endeavour and hard work. It was they who made it. Not the politicians. Not the bureaucrats. Not the activists. Not the party members. It was your elders. Us.”

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