Super Tuesday 2 front runners – Trump, Clinton

It’s Judgment Day for the Republican Party.

On Tuesday, voters are hitting the polls in five states and one territory in contests that could determine whether Donald Trump is on track to win the nomination outright, or whether the GOP faces a bitter convention fight in Cleveland this July.

The vote takes place amid escalating left-wing protests against Trump and escalating rhetoric from the candidate who rivals complain is inciting his backers to violence. Trump cancelled a rally on Friday in Chicago as clashes erupted between protesters and supporters in and outside his event, raising concerns of mounting chaos as the convention and general election near.

The two biggest prizes are winner-take-all states Ohio and Florida, which combine for 165 delegates. Candidates also have a chance to gain ground in North Carolina (72 delegates), Illinois (69 delegates), and Missouri (52 delegates), especially if they earn decisive margins.

Clinton trolling (orange jumpsuit)
With 691 delegates at stake, Tuesday’s contests offer Clinton an opportunity to net a big chunk of delegates, putting her on an unobstructed path to the nomination. Voters head to the polls in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio, and by night’s end she stands to be at least two-thirds of the way toward reaching the general election.But barring a sweep or close to it, it’s still likely to be a long spring for Clinton. That’s due to some tedious delegate math and a slowing primary calendar after Tuesday.