The Sunday Sermon with Going Postal, 6th March 2016

IT is a common custome vsed of all men, when they intend to haue their friends or neighbours to come to their houses to eat or drinke with them, or to haue any solemne assemblie to treat and talke of any matter, they will haue their houses, which they keepe in continuall reparations, to be cleane and fine, lest they should bee counted sluttish, or little to regard their friendes and neighbours. How much more then ought the house of Going Postal, which wee commonly call the Going Postal Church, to be sufficiently repayred in all places, and to bee honourably adorned and garnished, and to be kept cleane and sweete, to the comfort of the people that shall resort thereunto.

All Rise!

Let us pray
Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name

Take a pew 

The vicar has received a number of complaints that some of the congregation have had their epistles removed from the parish notice board, all I can say is that the vicar has had nothing to do with this and would suggest that it is certain scamps amongst the congregation playing their little games, the default Disqus rules are very open. The ‘sensible’ ones amongst you, please inform new members seen ‘Going Postal’ that the clergy hereabouts do not generally go in for that sort of thing unless it is contrary to Church rules or the vicars sanity. Contact the vicar if you think your literary treasures are worth the vicar’s time resurrecting.

Parish maintenance I fear is synonymous with the eponymous King of Ephyra’s punishment and having parted ways with Mr Google I have contracted Mr Disqus to aid the cause. I’m not sure it’s working too well and have relegated Mr Disqus to the bottom of the parish notice board. I’m not sure how successful this has been, it appears that every time I relegate his bills to the bottom, he reappears in the middle of the night to put them back. I shall have words. I have been discussing further options with a Mr Amazon, more news on that later.

Parish news

New parishioners are reminded to review the local by-laws here.

In the last week there have been 12,491 sessions, 2,214 users and 41,809 pageviews. NB. Swiss Bob is on grave digging duty for the foreseeable future due to a a clerical error on the number of pageviews. he blames Mr Google for counting double. . .  .