Solidarity Bus to Brussels April 1st 2016
Brussels Grand Palace

Solidarity Bus to Brussels April 1st 2016

7.00am departure.

Please sign up to reserve you place on the Brussels Solidarity Bus. Transport will be on one of our extensive fleet of two luxury coaches. We will be picking up from all locations around the UK that are within nine miles of Islington. Tickets are limited to a maximum number of two per couple.

We will be crossing over via ferry and spending a short sightseeing and fraternisation interval at the migrant camps before heading on to Brussels. Please do bring high visibility jackets so as to facilitate orderly exit immediately filming has concluded. Loose change and valuables are best left on the bus.

Lunch boxes are available. Please choose one of the following:

  • Mung Bean and Bean Sprout Surprise Salad Box
  • Cold Lettuce Soup with Organic Yoghurt swirl and Tibetan Ginger and Ginseng seasoning
  • Halal Certified Sausage Roll with Iceberg melt.

(All lunch boxes are free of nuts and other toxins. Please tell us if you are intolerant.)

For your entertainment along the journey we will be showing a choice of Box Office Blockbusters and trust there is something for everybody:

  • Breaker Morant – Edward Woodwardward plays a soldier commanding a squad of Australians fighting for Britain during South Africa’s Boer War. Explores the brutality and corruption of the British colonial struggle.

  • La Hora de los Hornos (The Hour of the Furnaces) This semi-documentary was made by Argentinian revolutionaries Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino in 1968. Designed specifically to make the audience participants instead of just spectators, this film not only called for political revolution in the name of Marx, Che, and others, it also called for a cinematic revolution. The two co-wrote “Towards a Third Cinema,” a manifesto criticizing the American “first cinema” approach to filmmaking. Not just revolutionary propaganda, the film examines the American/European imperialism and neo-colonialism which caused widespread poverty and class distinctions across Argentina and the whole continent of South America. (A great family film)

  • Hate (French with subtitles) – excellent French film that deals with racism, and classism by following three immigrant youths in France over the course of a day under the backdrop of social unrest. this movie kicks ass in its stark and gritty realism of life for working class immigrant youth in France.

Once in Brussels we will be dropping our load at the Molenbeek Multicultural Tie Dye and Sandal Emporium. You will have forty minutes in which to forge new relationships and stand in solidarity with those who seek to stand together in solidarity and to further the cause of world peace and to show solidarity with those who have come to show solidarity with us.

Please do avail yourself of our excellent souvenir selection at VAT free prices.

Bracelets £15.99:

  • “I hate you for being judgemental.”
  • “Terrorism has no Religion” (in English and Arabic.)
  • “You only voted Tory because you want to see my tits.”
  • “LGBTQQIP2SAA is the only way!”
  • “My gender is No Gender.” (male and female sizes available)

Tee Shirts (handmade by hand in the Harmaniband Co-operative of Bradford) £32.99

  • Smoke weed. It’s healthier than Fascism.
  • Fuck Israel (Family pack included three child sized and two XXXL)
  • Fuck Trump (children’s sizes only left)
  • Andy Burnham – Be Part of the Change (Special! 75p per dozen)

Candles, crayons, chalk, balloons and Palestinian bandanas will be supplied as part of your booking.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey and thank you for helping to spread goodwill and brother/sister/parent/childhood across the artificial barriers of state, nation and continent. Peace be upon you.

Important note for bus: Female entry is at the front, male entry at the rear. Female seating is to the left, male seating to the right. Smoking is not permitted in the toilets. Primus stoves are discouraged once on the motorway.

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