Paris terrorist captured: The left-wing version

Rocket Scientists

Hard-line far right Belgian police have this evening injured an unarmed Muslim man in Brussels. The man, Salah
Abdeslam, who sources describe as a beautiful human being, was minding
his own business when the neo-Nazi police officers carried out the raid
and savagely shot him and then handcuffed him. Islamophobes have claimed
that Abdeslam was behind the Paris incident last year, in which, as Stop the War rightly said at the time, 130 people reaped the whirlwind of Western foreign policy.

Gerry Downing, who said we should never condemn the 9/11 terrorists, is said to be greatly distressed by the news of the arrest, and Jeremy Corbyn, who wrote to a judge last year urging the release of a jihadist who’d stolen money from elderly pensioners and sent it to ISIS, says Salah Abdeslam is a political prisoner. Mr Corbyn did, however, welcome the decision by the mainstream press, including the BBC and ITN, not to report on an incident yesterday
in which a Muslim man armed with a gun chased teenagers in London in
the daytime and fired a few shots at them. The police are currently
hunting the teenagers for suspected Islamophobia.

Stop the War, Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not
Hate are in the process of organising a solidarity march to protest
against the Western imperialist colonialist Zionist conspiracy that they
blame for harassing innocent men like Abdeslam and Mohammaed Emwazi and for causing ISIS to keep sex slaves and throw gay men off roofs.

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