Take a pew

Hallelujah brothers and sisters, this morning we are
gathered here to hear the Word and the Word is, do not screw this up!
99.99% of you appear to have been born with the common sense
God gave you, and then there’s Gary. 
This site does not operate under 1st Amendment
rights, that is not one of the Rocky Mountains you see in my avatar and all of
us except the Septics are subject to some form of restrictions on free speech.
Secondly, this blog is not a ‘public toilet wall’, the only ‘rights’ you have on
this site are those we confer on you. It is a private space open to the public.
Like a pub. There is a landlord and he will bar you if you behave like a cunt.
Rules, with some explanations for the terminally dense.
No hard core porn – there’s a time and a place and this isn’t
the place.
No racial epithets – unpleasant, unnecessary and you look a moron,
likely to get you barred for repeat offences. What is a ‘racial epithet’ in
this context? There are the obvious and the less obvious and the English
language allows for unlimited possibilities. In the end you have to use a level
of common sense for this. I struggle to see ‘Pikey’ as falling into the
category but I believe it does. Use your imagination and wit instead.
We will try to rope some of you
into helping with the moderation as the sheer number of comments needing to be
read is making this a difficult but not unpleasant task. To begin with, if you see
anything you think shouldn’t be there then flag it in Disqus. I will see it and
review it. If you have been modded, forget it. Don’t do it again, that is all.
Enthusiasm and a few beers can get the better of us. I’ll put up a
contact mail soon; you can send me your sins for expulsion if you feel the
If one of you would be kind
enough to turn this into something I could put on the About page I would be grateful.
Parish News
New parishioners are advised to go here http://going-postal.org/  Start from the oldest post, read all the
comments, come back here and repeat, may take a while.
Speaking of new parishioners. Fuck me there’s a lot of immigrants
and refugees in the gaff at the moment. The number of comments speak for
themselves, Google says for the two days the blog has been up there have been 1,763
sessions, 852 users, 11,680 page views, pages/session 6.63, bounce rate 6.52%.
No, means fuck all to me too.
To all our regular parishioners, especially those that have
helped with the refurbishment and collection I wish to say, thank you, you make
this place what it is.

Off back to bed. Enjoy.