Sunday Sermon – Go Forth and Multiply

All rise

Hallelujah brothers and sisters, especially all the sisters out there. I would like to turn again to the subject of refugees and immigrants, a subject that is on the minds of many if my discussions with members of the congregation are anything to go by. While I understand that building a high rise housing estate that’s ten times the size of the village may seem inappropriate in sunny Mortshire, there are many benefits to be realised, not least the size of the collection plate. So my injunction to you all is that which the previous vicar and his odd curate gave you, ‘Go forth and Multiply’. Do come back though. A parish that is not growing is dying.

 = Going Postal

Let us pray

Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name

Take a pew

This week I have received a letter from the archbishop he tells me that he intends to incorporate this parish with a number of other parishes, he feels that the closer the archdiocese is to the parishes, the more authority with which it can speak and the clearer the message will be. I have to say that I am fighting against this with all my will and have had many meetings, at least two and I have received cast-iron assurances, and an offer of a bishopric that for you the parishioners it is for the best in the long run. However, there is some hope in a possible vote by parishioners being allowed at the annual vestry meeting, more news on that later.

All rise

Parish News

New parishioners are reminded to review the local by-laws here. The parish curate Mr Cat is on vacation, something about his niece, a Ms Moss turning up. News from above, Old Goat is now ‘Sir Old Goat’, congratulations sir. 

Church refurbishment plans are in hand, we have a temporary church hall GP Delta  that will be closed to parishioners unless by invitation. This is purely for testing purposes to ensure refurbishment is carried out without too much disruption to the church.

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Parish News just in. A statue in honour of Sir Old Goat is to undergo erection shortly.